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    Laura Pazzaglia

    Hi Everyone, yesterday I activated a new moderation plug-in as a SPAMMER was able to get in and leave links to their website.

    Ironically it’s for a pressure cooker that I already contacted the company and offered for them to send me a sample for testing. And they never answered back. Apparently, all they care about is sneaking in discussions and posting unrelated links to their website – which is SPAM.

    HOWEVER, the new moderation software created issues in the forums preventing readers from posting.

    I have put everything back in order, and will continue with the old software and hope for the best!!



    P.S. BTW, I have many manufacturers offering ME their pressure cookers to review and I turn them down because one was trying to hop on Instant Pot’s coat-tails selling me a story that they’re made in the same factory and also sent me a photo of Instant Pot boxes next to theirs (yawn, what’s new I already know most electrics are made in the same factories).

    So it’s rare I actually have to approach manufacturers to ask for a sample. And when I do it’s because they are either long-standing trustworthy brand or they have some cool feature that I’d like to try and promote.

    I don’t waste my time or yours accepting pressure cookers that I already know I would pan in a review – like that one that claims to pressure can when the USDA has not approved any processes for doing so, for example. Yes, they even asked me to appear in their commercials. But… no. I agreed only if I could add the disclaimer that they shouldn’t be used for pressure canning – which was not OK for them. So, I told them to call me back when they either get USDA approval for their canning process OR remove that feature. Then, we can talk.

    And to the other guy who was just here posting links, stop SPAMMING the forums. That’s a surefire way to piss me off and blacklist your brand for consideration for any future preview, review or collaboration regardless of how “neat” the features might be. Grow some decorum.

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