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    I tried the New Orleans Red Beans and rice.
    Flavor was wonderful and I like that the recipe makes generous servings.
    (PS we are absolutely not getting leftovers from these recipes.
    Everyone is stuffing themselves the first night they get it. )

    The rice and beans were overcooked and too mushy however.
    I used the times and pressures from the cookbook.

    One thing – I had soaked the beans the night before, all the way to 3 pm when I started coooking dinner.
    Is there an upper limit to soaking beans? too much huh.

    I was wondering, since we are browning the garlic separately anyway to add at the end, why not do the meat then too;
    omit the meat before the rice, use a normal release after the rice step, then add sauteed garlic and meat afterward, and let it sit for a bit.
    Or does the sausage need to infuse for flavor.

    Or shall I just change the pressure cooking times.
    And not soak the beans so long of course.

    I really liked the trick of freezing soaked beans and I did that.
    Very handy.

    Laura Pazzaglia

    Connie, don’t worry. You can’t over-soak beans. If they start sprouting – then you’ve got the nutritionally-packed sought-after “sprouted beans.” ; )

    Usually, when beans and rice turn out mushy it’s not the over-cooking but too much liquid. Like baking, you have to measure the ingredients carefully to compensate for the lack of evaporation. Cooking the dish for less time will not magically make the extra liquid disappear – you’ll just have under-done beans and rice floating in cooking liquid.

    I know it can get complicated because you were working from a variation of Congri but you should follow the same procedure in the Congri recipe. It does not ask you to brown the garlic and sausage in a separate pot. It has you empty the pressure cooker and measure the bean cooking liquid (which sounds like didn’t happen here) and then brown the veggies and meat in the pressure cooker base. Then everything else (rice, beans, cooking liquid) is added to the veggies and sausage so the rice can absorb all of the flavors.

    Also, don’t be impatient. Use the 10-minute Natural Release as called-for in the recipe. Releasing pressure quickly is another step that could turn the contents in the pressure cooker to mush.

    In pressure cookery small changes that might not matter in conventional cooking can have a big impact!!

    Ciao & Welcome!



    I did empty the beans and water, measure the cooking water, and add water up to 3 cups before adding back into the pot with the rice.
    I did empty the pot to brown the veggies and sausage in the pressure cooker base, after the beans were pressure cooked and before doing the next part with everything.
    I did wait the 10 minutes before natural release.

    Sounds like too much water overall. I will adjust the rice and water next time.

    I only sauteed the garlic in a different pan while waiting for the 10 minute natural release. (I did not actually brown the meat then, that was just an idea. )

    thanks for the thoughts. The idea of floating around in water uncooked, eyew :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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