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    I am curious as to why the Vanilla Pots de Creme recipe in the Hip cookbook specifies that there must be 2 cups of water in the PC for cooking the covered ramekins. Can someone enlighten me?


    My guess is that it is to make sure it will work in pretty well all pressure cookers.

    Second guess is that the extra time coming to pressure with more liquid might affect it’s texture/flavour.



    I have the same question about 2 c. water in the pot plus other questions about the cookbook Vanilla pots de creme recipe. I have an Instant Pot Ultra and am a beginner.

    Second question – I have 4 8oz ramekins. 3 fit on the trivet and then I can put the 4th one on top of those 3. Do I need to increase the time? How much? Or do I need to buy 6 4oz ramekins?

    Third question – Wouldn’t low pressure help prevent curdling?

    I did Instant Pot Miracle Mocha pots de creme and it wasn’t cooked. I cooked a little longer and it bubbled over and curdled. Hate trying another one if it won’t work!

    Thanks for your help.

    Laura Pazzaglia

    Airoldi, the 2 cups is so that any pressure cooker can reach pressure.

    Yes, you can stack the ramekins, it won’t be an issue.

    No, it’s not the pressure level that curdles desserts in the pressure cooker it is actually the speed of the pressure release (which would whip and curdle, or scramble, the ingredients). Always use natural release for egg-based custards.

    I’m not affiliated with the “Instant Pot Miracle” book and I’m not familiar with the recipe so I can’t really tell you why it failed. I can tell you, that I’ve been writing cookbooks and publishing pressure cooker recipes before all those Instant Pot books came out – and I actually test my recipes. ; )



    P.S. Check out the pressure cooking school episode on opening methods to understand what’s going on during the pressure release and it will be clear why egg-based custards need natural.

    Here’s a shot-cut just to that segment, but I recommend watching the whole series if you have time:

    Pressure Cooker Opening Methods – Pressure Cooking School


    Success! I followed your recipe in your cookbook for Vanilla Pots de Creme and they were smooth and wonderful. Thank you for testing your recipes.

    It worked fine for my four 8oz ramekins. Your recipe suggested six 4oz ramekins.

    And I should have said the the “Instant Pot Miracle” cookbook was not written by you so it wasn’t your fault that their Mocha Pots de Creme was curdled.

    Thanks for your help.

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