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    Instant Pot Rare Roast Beef
    I love rare roast beef sliced thin for sandwiches and beef dips.
    Cooking mostly for one, I buy smaller cuts of around two pounds and have always cooked them in the oven.
    I thought I would try the Instant Pot Smart. Would have been a snap if I had the app of course.
    Without the app it still was easier than the oven, and provided an amazingly excellent result.
    • Brown the meat on all sides thoroughly to kill bacteria.
    • Put Roast on trivet and add ½ cup water to Instant Pot.
    • Cook at High pressure for 3 minutes.
    • Cancel keep warm
    • Set Keep Warm for 3 hours and 40 minutes.
    • The Instant Pot keep warm is between 56 -75 degrees Celsius or 133-167 degrees Fahrenheit which is reasonably close to sous vide or slow roast oven temperatures for medium rare roast beef.
    • I selected the cooking times a bit randomly. The 3 minutes of high pressure to ensure all bacteria was killed and was aiming for between 3-4 hours keep warm and that is where the button stopped.
    • I could have tried sous vide, but was too lazy to get the vacuum sealer out.
    • One of the big advantages of this method is that you get less shrinkage. I started with 908 grams raw and ended up with 728 grams of sliced beef. The other advantage is it is both moist and cut with fork tender after slicing.
    • It turned out on the rare side of med-rare, pretty much the way I like it, but a longer cooking time would make it more well done without more shrinkage.
    • I used only ½ cup of liquid because meat cooked this way in the oven releases very little liquid. I ended up with one cup liquid for gravy which is better than the oven method as all you get there is some dry brown splotches.

    Laura Pazzaglia

    Wow Helen, that’s really beautiful – thanks for sharing the recipe!

    How did you serve it and with what accompaniments?




    Thanks for adding the pictures. I did do as your new post says, but it didn’t work. Oh well I shall try again shortly.

    I made this for sandwiches mainly although I could now quickly whip up a reasonable roast beef dinner in a very short time.

    Last night I had a beef dip, warmed beef in the dipping jus, sautéed some onions, put both in a lovely soft lightly grilled roll from the grocery store. Dipped and ate. Was delish.

    Thanks again


    What cut of beef? Sirloin, rump?


    I believe it was round but not really sure. Any boneless cut would work. Cheap is just as good as expensive this way.


    Dick C

    New to the World of Insta Pot I am about to use my pot the first time. I am using this recipe but have a question. If my beef isn’t moving when you put it on my plate so this recipe is perfect.

    I have some potatoes, onion, and carrots that I would like to add but not at the expense of a Rare Cross Rib Roast.

    Is there a way to preserve the rare beef and still be able to add these veggies?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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