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    Laura Pazzaglia

    Welcome! You’ve come to the right place to ask for help – we want to get you and your pressure cooker back up to speed and working. Before you post, please do these three things.

    1. Read your pressure cooker’s manual. If you don’t have it download it from the library.
    2. Bring your pressure cooker up to pressure with two cups of water for 10 minutes following the step-by-step instructions in the trouble-shooter
    3. Register with this website so you can post in these forums – if you haven’t already.

    When you post your request for help in the forums, please include the following information:

    • Your pressure cooker’s manufacturer, model number and size. If you’re using a stovetop pressure cooker, please also note the cooktop type.
    • Your pressure cooker’s approximate age
    • Your pressure cooking experience level and how long you have been pressure cooking (i.e beginner, novice, etc).
    • The results of the water test (step 2, above): Did it come to pressure? Was steam leaking? Where was it leaking from?
    • The problem in detail. You can also upload photos along with your post!
    • If the problem only happens with a particular recipe(s) please post a link the recipe or describe it in detail

    Myself and cooks who are pretty darn experienced in pressure cookery will do our best to help you can get up and running ASAP – but some problems will require you to contact the manufacturer or retailer where you bought the pressure cooker. So please be understanding – we’re not magicians.

    Don’t forget to be polite and thank those who helped resolve your pressure cooker problem.




    I have been using pressure cookers on and off for about 25 years. A couple days ago I exchanged a troublesome Fagor Duo 8qt for a Fagor Rapid Express 6.3 qt stovetop pressure cooker. When I am closing the upper lid to get it into the “lock” position, the upper lid handle hits against the lower lid and literally rides up over the lower handle as it settles into the lock position. All other pressure cookers I have used the upper handle slides nicely into position and you push the lock lever and you are set to go. Also, steam escapes around the black plastic housing around the control valve between the stainless steel top and the plastic. Is this mismatch between the two handles supposed to happen on this model? If not I need to take it back for an exchange. Note that I took another new one out of the box at Bed Bath and Beyond and it did the same thing. Thank you very much.


    I’m not sure if this is the right place to post a question-I’m new to this site.I just purchased a Gourmia 6 quart GPC 965. I’m unsure whether to keep it as the company doesn’t offer replacement gaskets. Thinking I should return it and buy the Instantpot duo instead.In the instruction manual it simply says use any comparable gasket-not very comforting to this newbie to pressure cooking!


    Normaw, your concern is justified. If you move lots of your cooking to pressure cooking, then a lengthy trial-and-error process of replacing a gasket while your cooker is out of commission will be inconvenient and may be unsuccessful. That’s why it’s desirable to go with a major established brand that sells its own replacement parts, as you are thinking.

    Also, given that you are new to pressure cooking, you will likely benefit from the huge Instant Pot community that can help you build your skills. (And, of course, hippressurecooking with its tutorials can help as well.)

    Instant Pots have reliably low prices (around $60 for a 6-quart) on Black Friday and on Amazon Prime day. But big stores such as Target and Walmart sometimes have good deals on Instant Pots if you watch for them.


    Thanks Suzanne. I bought this Gourmia in exchange for a gift, and Best Buy doesn’t carry the Instant Pot brand. The problem about finding additional gaskets wasn’t apparent until I opened the box and read the manual. Now in order to return it, I’ll be forced to pay the dreaded restocking fee which is about 25 dollars! The Gourmia is a very close duplicate of the Ultra,so I would like to keep it if I could be sure of resolving the gasket issue. I was just hoping someone knew if it would be compatible with the Instant Pot 6 quart.


    Normaw, are you able to contact a manufacturer rep to ask which make/model numbers of gasket have been shown to work? That could be the quickest way to find out.

    If that doesn’t work, I’d suggest starting a new forum topic on whether your gaskets are interchangeable with Ultra gaskets. That question isn’t very visible under this thread’s topic. :-)

    The reviews for your cooker on the Best Buy site are pretty positive. Good luck.


    Thanks again for your input Suzanne. I contacted Gourmia customer service, and a really unhelpful woman finally told me (after 7 emails and a phone call from me) that no gaskets for that model were avaiable, and none would be until later in the year. She was unsure when that would be, and hung up on me! I returned the pressure cooker and ordered an Instant Pot Duo plus. If Gourmia was this awful to deal with about a replacement gasket, I shudder to think what it would be like if I had a real problem with the cooker!


    Good point. Gourmia started selling cookers before it was ready to support them, a bright red warning flag. Glad to hear you are on the road to a cooker with more established customer service.

    Just know that in the past it has seemed as if Instant Pot Customer Service gets slammed/overwhelmed by requests in the period after Black Friday and Amazon Prime day. But maybe they’ve staffed up during those times more recently. They were pretty good about answering my questions back before Instant Pots were so popular. Enjoy your new cooker!

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