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    I have been using a Presto electric pressure cooker, I purchased unused from craigslist. The price was great for a stainless electric PC.

    I am surprised how much I use it. In fact, it worked out so well camping, I just got another one, unused in the box, from eBay, just to keep in the camper.

    I have a couple different digital ones, including a 2 qt., that lives on my counter, as well as different sized stove top PCs.

    What do I like about the electric Presto. It is a nice 6qt. size. It is a pretty bell shaped stainless pot on legs. It has a stainless, instead of non stick, cooking surface. The gasket is not silicone, so it doesn’t get as stinky and hold odors as much. It seems to cook faster… could be my imagination. Could be because it seems to come to pressure faster. I can release the pressure under cold water, so I don’t have to blast my kitchen with steam. Easy to clean. Nn crud getting caught under lip area between out side and inside of pot. I find that hard to get to.

    Parts are all readily available and should be, for years to come. Gaskets are available locally and not expensive.

    Simple to use. No worries about fuses and what not. Should be working long after my digital ones have gone on to PC heaven. Works like an additional pot on a burner, when the stovetop is full.

    Down side. It is not a “set it and forget it” appliance. You must pay attention to it. You have to set a timer. You have to take a minute to adjust it, just like a stove top unit. At least it is just a matter of turning the dial until the light goes out. I find that easier than straining to hear the whisping sound of the newer stove tops, to get it just right.

    There you have it. What I like about my old fashion electric pressure cooker.


    You scare me. Running cold water over an electrical appliance. SHUDDER!

    Also you will have to explain how you manage to use it camping. Whenever I go camping I am nearly always at least a good days walk from an electrical outlet.


    LOL! It is no longer an “electric” appliance, once you pull out the electric controller. It is completely immersible, and dishwasher washer safe. It works like an electric skillet.

    The instructions direct you to put it under cold water for immediate release method method.

    It is like having a stove top PC without the stove.

    We often camp in state parks with electric hook ups. Though we only have a tiny fiberglass trailer, it does have all the conveniences of any bigger RV. I guess I should have said “glamping”.

    There is a picture of it on the manual that is on this site.

    Here is an old Amazon ad with reviews on the PC.


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