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    According to Amazon UK, I m only a week away from my first ever PC and it’s an IP. I am also at home on leave from work for the following week so ample ops to make some great food – spare ribs here I come!

    However, as a complete newb, water boiling will be my first test and a complete review of the cooking school vids – post manual reading.

    Then for the first meal which needs to be impressive in some sense to convince partner! Main can be any meat I can get in the UK, needs to have gravy of some sort (casserole/stew is fine), I would also want (maybe fool on me) some additional veg which I think could go on a raised basket of some sort or be wrapped in foil at the top.

    We are keto so no potatoes, rice, flour or pasta but we can substitute most so please don’t hold back (no pasta other than spag please). I’m thinking something like casserole with green beans and broccoli or maybe curry with a celeriac rice (took me ages to perfect that so unlikely in a first PC cook up!) I’m thinking broccoli or cauli rice sort of thing maybe.

    I’ve seen Laura’s chic caccatorie and that’s as close as I have got but need side veg. Celeriac like sliced potatoes or rice might be good with some broccoli?

    Any thoughts/ideas please so I can prepare and buy the necessary IP extras.

    Many thanks


    Get Laura’s book, Hip Pressure Cooking. It has a whole section on one pot cooking.

    About to go out for the day so I don’t have time to look right now.


    Thanks Greg. I had considered that but there are keto PC books out there that might serve my money better (sorry Laura). I just thought some folks might have some faves to share and ideas on extras to buy.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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