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    In using recipes I have seen for slow cookers—do I use “High” or “Low” time in the recipe when using my Farberware 7 in 1?


    The 7-in1 lists only “Slow cook”. If I use a recipe not in the enclosed cook book, that gives times for “low” and “high” which time do I choose? EX> “4-5 hours on high, 2-2 1/2hours on low”. That extra 2 hours in the pressure cooker could be disastrous if it cooks at a high temperature!

    Laura Pazzaglia

    Thanks for the clarification, Barbara.

    According to hip pressure cooking readers, the “Slow Cook” setting operates like the “low” setting from a conventional slow cooker. Make sure to bring the recipe to a boil with the saute’ setting, before switching to the “Slow Cook” setting and to use it with the lid on and the valve closed.




    Thanks for the info! Looking forward to using my new toy!


    I note in a previous post (Jan 31’18, re: slow cooking) you mentioned to place the lid on and close the valve. Although I have yet to use it, I bought an IP glass lid for slow cooking purposes. Can I use the glass lid or must I use the lock lid when slow cooking. Many thanks.


    I don’t have one, but in general you only lock the lid when pressure cooking. Locking the lid at other times can be dangerous as pressure can build when you don’t want it. Unless there is some sort of stupid interlock that insists on the “correct” lid, I would use the glass one for slow cooking.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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