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    Wow Greg, you have me beat:). I want to get a sous vide machine. Trying to talk myself into donating my stockpots to the thrift store. Pretty sure I will be pressure cooking all stock from now on.
    Which sous vide machine do you recommend? They are pretty pricey here, but I am pretty sure I will buy one eventually.



    I have two Anova branded immersion heaters . The original they now call the Anova One and the new Anova Precision Cooker.
    I like them much more than the integrated bath ones like the SousVide Supreme as they take up much less space because you supply your own pot and if I need to cook more, I just change the pot. Those stock pots of yours would be ideal. I use an Esky – I think other countries call them beer coolers. The immersion heaters are also more precise. But if you have a precision thermometer like the ThermoPen, all you need is a pot and source of hot water to get started.

    I think we have probably hijacked this Fagor thread more than enough. If you want to talk more about them, start a new thread for this conversation.


    okay might do if I want more info, but is it good to start a non pressure cooking thread on a pressure cooking forum? Just curious. You did answer my question, and I have no need to do so.

    My apologies for going off topic.


    Laura Pazzaglia

    No problem, if we get enough of these kinds topics I’ll open a kitchen chit-chat forum – where we can discuss everything and anything not related to pressure cookers. : )

    At some point in the future this website will change name to “hip cooking” and will remain focused primarily on pressure cooking but will include other gadgets, appliances, and technology that WORK for the hip cook (ie. induction cooking : )

    So feel free to start topics about anything – and eventually I will move them into a new forum (as I did with the Recipe Swap).



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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