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    I am going to brine some moose and some beef.
    I found the chefsteps recipe a bit to salty so I am considering 180g instead of 240g or less.
    Any opinions or advice? I am also considering more cardamom.




    Oddly enough I bought some brisket today to make some corned beef too. I have yet to check my cupboard for spice though. I bought it on impulse. I was buying some chuck for a Beef Wenty, and my butcher asked to to come back in 10 as he was just breaking down the beast then. So I asked if I could have some brisket too. Normally that gets minced here. So a piece usually needs to be ordered in advance.

    As long as you are keeping the pink curing salt the same as a proportion of the meat, dropping the NaCl should be fine. I find cardamom a little sweet so increasing that will probably decrease your sensation of saltiness too. Depending just how salty you found it last time you could keep the same salt level and just rinse thoroughly. That’s what I do and I find the saltiness ok. Of course our tastes vary so you may still find it too salty.


    I think I just quartered the brine recipe the first time I made it.
    I have mulled it over for a day or so and have decided to halve the kosher salt and use the same amount of pink. If the flavour is too mild I am sure I will survive and even enjoy it, and up it the next time. And I think you are right about the cardamom and will leave it the same, increasing it the next time perhaps.

    What BTW is a Beef Wenty. I tried to look it up but no luck.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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