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    It worked!!!

    I buy the highest grade ground beef & split 2 rolls into 3 portions so around 11oz each. I freeze them. Flat usually but this last time I was out of bags & had to use foil so it was more like a large puck LOL- 3x4x2ish inches.

    I put frozen solid meat, plus jar of spaghetti sauce, in Instant Pot for 10mins on high pressure. 10 minute natural release.

    Meat was done all the way through I think, by feel, but there was a pink spot in the middle. I didn’t worry too much about it being all the way done because I chopped the meat up as fine as I could with my good chef’s knife and tossed it back in the sauce, along with 8oz of Barilla tricolor rotini and a cup and a half of water.

    Per the box 7 minutes for al dente. We like ours tender so I went with 4 minutes on low pressure & turned the valve for quick release.

    Sauce was… Saucy. But it thickened up perfectly as it cooled.

    VERY happy with the results!

    Next time I DO think I will add the water with the sauce before I cook the meat to help with meat tenderness for easier chopping…

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