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    I am wondering if these steam diverter release accessories being sold on Amazon for the Instant Pot are indeed safe to use.

    The objective of them is to divert the steam from shooting straight up and have it go to the side something that makes alarm bells go off in my humble opinion.

    I know many people don’t lke to have the releasing steam going off under their cupboards and see this as a quick fix.

    I teach an Instant Pot 101 course and oe of the participants asked me about it and I couldn’t honestly recommend it as I wondered if it could be a dangerous modification to the safety features of the Instant Pot.

    Does anyone know if Instant Pot gives the green light for this accessory?

    It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Hope all is well in the Hippressure world!



    Hi Jonilyn,
    Welcome back.

    I hadn’t heard of these gadgets so I had a quick look. This is one review:

    “This thing is scary to use! You can’t leave it on as it lifts up the pressure release vaulve just enough to let a small amount escape. So you have to put it on when you want to release pressure. So let’s say you want to do a quick release. You have to quickly and carefully slide the handle if the release through the hole and set it down. If you bump it the steam can shoot out onto your hand. It is a lot like playing Operation but instead of a simple buzzer it is scalding hot steam! It’s an interesting design but serious failure since you can’t leave it on and putting it on is dangerous while under pressure. I asked my girlfriend to use it and that you had to put it on right before QR and she didn’t even want to try it. When I demonstrated she responded with “holy crap that is dangerous”.

    Update: I tried to contact the company that makes this via their email. I got a bounce back from it saying the email doesn’t exist. I tried messaging them on Facebook messenger and it showed they saw it but no response.”

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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