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    Hi All,

    Sorry, couldn’t decide whether to put this under problem solving or comparison because it’s a bit of both!

    I have a new Sage Fast Slow Pro (UK model called Breville Fast Slow Pro elsewhere), and I just want to check whether the times to pressure and liquid loss amounts are normal for this model and/or vastly different from non-UK versions and from other brands.

    So, I ran Laura’s Pressure Cooker Hot Water Test (1L cold water, high pressure, 5 mins, fast release) and got the following results:

    Time to pressure: 16mins
    Water Loss: 80ml

    Both these figures are higher than expected from Laura’s cooking school pages/videos. I can live with things taking a bit longer, but both the extra time taken to get to pressure and the extra liquid loss are going to affect all the recipes I try and follow … and the liquid loss means less aroma in the pot and more throughout my house!

    Incidentally, I did a test before I read Laura’s guidelines and ran for 10mins at high pressure with a natural release, liquid loss there was 50ml, so unsurprisingly a quick pressure release itself probably causes at least 30ml of liquid loss.

    I have checked the gasket is secure, no steam seems to be escaping from the edges of the lid, but there is an almost continual wispy steam (like from a steaming hot coffee) and occasional sputtering noise coming from the pressure release valve after it has come to pressure (before it comes to pressure there is similar wispy steam coming through the valve where the locking pin is, that cuts off as soon as the locking pin rises). According to another post on here, this might be standard for some types of pressure valve. And according to some comments under the review for this pressure cooker, the UK/AUS model might take a lot longer to come to pressure than the US model. So, my results might be normal for this model, I may be expecting too much, or I may have a faulty unit … but I have no idea which!

    So, I’d be really interested to hear people’s results on the Hot Water Test, particularly for a UK/European/AUS Breville/Sage FSP, but also from a US Breville FSP, and from any rival EPC models (especially 220/240v ones).

    Sorry for my rambling, and thanks in advance to everyone responding!


    I have the UK Sage version.

    1L cold water, high pressure, 5 mins, fast release and got the following results:

    Time to pin rising 9mnins
    Time to pressure: 12mins 30seconds
    Water Loss: 90ml

    hope that helps

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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