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    The recipe book that came with my Instant Pot recommends using for Brown Rice a water ratio of 1:1.25 for 22-28 minutes, and for Basmati Rice a ratio of 1:1.5 for 4-8 minutes.
    The rice I am using (from Trader Joe’s) is both Brown and Basmati.
    What should I use for water ratio and cooking time?


    Never tried it, but I would expect “brown” will trump “basmati”. Basically any brown rice is simply white rice with the skin left on. It takes time and water to get through it. So more water and more time.

    That said, if you cook for less time and and it is still not cooked, you can always put the lid back on and cook it some more. If you cook it longer and it turns to mush, there is no going back.


    @Yagilh, I cook Basmati brown rice 18 minutes on High if I have soaked it. Twenty-two minutes is minimum if the rice isn’t soaked. The optimal time for you depends on how soft you like your rice. These timings will leave a slight bit of “chew” in it. I am using a stove top PC, so for an electric PC you would add two or so more minutes of pressured cook time.

    Lately I’ve tried cooking the rice PIP and have liked the way it turns out better, even though it takes longer. Cooked on the bottom of the PC, it can develop a bit of starchy substrate around the rice kernals. Cooked PIP, no substrate. I’m still figuring out the timing on this. My notes say to cook it 30 minutes PIP on low (am using Pyrex bowl for PIP, which will cook more slowly than steel) if the rice isn’t soaked. High pressure might work as well faster — haven’t tried it yet.
    I don’t add oil to a pot of plain rice, as commonly recommended with grains or beans to quell foaming. Because with rice, oat groats, and red lentils, the foam results in the main valve becoming sticky, I’ve switched those to PIP. Because my first try of this with 1 1/2 cup of oats resulted in some foaming up and oat spillage in the bottom of the pot, I’ve taken to placing the trivet that came with my Kuhn Rikon PC over the top of the Pyrex bowl when I cook these three foamy things.
    This keeps the foam inside the bowl. (Lumpynose, a past commenter, had originally mentioned doing this with oatmeal using an inverted strainer.)

    I’m still playing with this method to get cook times exact. I don’t believe I’ve tried the rice PIP without the trivet covering it, so you might not need the trivet.

    As Greg said, try minimum cook time first. Good luck.

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