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    No matter how much I stir my soya milk to cook/boil, there’s always “not burnt” soya pulp solids at bottom of my stainless steel thick bottom pot.

    Re my method of making soya milk. Soak > Blend > Cook / Strain. I cook first then strain becos I like the bean-y taste.

    I currently use a nylon fine mesh boiling bag (ebay) to “hold” the soya bean “pulp”. I boil till about 70 deg C, then remove the bag of pulp (squeeze all milk), and continue to boil my soya milk. I read somewhere that enzymes in soya wont boil. So I take it as far as 85 deg C for 10 mins. Taste great!. Using this method, I still get the “not burnt” solids sticking to bottom of the pot.

    I would like to use this nylon mesh bag in my pressure cooker. I intend to bring milk to about 70 deg C. Close the lid of my cooker. Wait 10 mins to get to high pressure. High pressure for 5 mins. Turn off the flame. Let it release pressure naturally for 25 mins that is until I can open the lid. Is it OK to use this nylon mesh bag? I read high pressure steam in cooker gets to 120 deg C.


    I’m afraid it will be a case of try it and see.

    There there a number of different grades of nylon with melting points ranging from 190 – 350°C. And that assumes that the product is actually pure nylon and not a blend or ev en a different synthetic altogether.

    It is also possible that it will degrade over time well below its melting point. Have you considered other fabrics like muslin?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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