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    Starting a new meat thread.
    Recently a Canadian grocery chain has started selling higher end imported meat and seafood.
    Wagyu beef striploin for $49.95 lb. CAD Top sirloin for $29.95Cad and Berkshire pork for 10.99 Cad.
    These are sale flyer prices and approximately 10 x higher than sale prices for the same cuts of Grade A striploin or boneless pork loin.
    The Wagyu beef is Australian and therefore not really Wagyu beef but probably similar.

    The superior quality of these products is due to very high marbling, and high quality care and feed and supposedly no antibiotics etc.

    Has anyone bought these cuts and cooked them at home? I am unlikely to pay $49.95 for a steak except in a very good restaurant, but the highly marbled pork I might try one of these days.


    $50 / lb? is that in yen or lira? i wince at $5/lb. /guy


    That is $50 Cad or about 35 USD currently I believe.
    More than I am likely to pay, but never say never.
    The big steak you bought a while back seemed pretty pricey to me, but if it something I really want to try I will close my eyes and think of England as the saying goes.

    Tonight I made BBQ chicken drumsticks bought at $1.88 lb. CAD or $1.44 a lb. USD. Just put them in the Instant Pot with some BBQ sauce 1/4 cup water and cooked for 6 minutes. Perfectly cooked all the way through. They looked a bit pale, but as good as chicken gets IMO and so easy.

    So how goes the egg cooking speaking of chickens?


    i’m ashamed to admit i have the link to the smiley egg instructions sitting right here on the desktop and haven’t yet tried it. what i need to do is get everything ready to go in the evening and then when i’m hungry for eggs in the morning to start in on the project. i need to get with it because the eggs i bought for the project aren’t getting fresher while they wait.

    i cooked black beans in the pc for the first time and didn’t pre-soak them. i used the maximum time from the chart, but they came out crunchier than i like. actually the strange thing was that not all them were crunchy–about 1-2 in 10 were nice and tender. i originally cooked for somewhere between 20-24 minutes and threw them back in for another 4 minutes, but that didn’t seem to help. now i replay things, i did put in about 1/2 teaspoon of salt and i just remembered salt can affect them negatively.

    although i admit i haven’t yet tried laura’s quick soak method, i’m coming to the conclusion that skipping the soaking step is not good for the resulting quality. also, keeping a backlog of soaked ones in the reefer for more than a week doesn’t fly either.

    anyway, i’m still cranking out perfect potatoes! and a nice bonus is that sour cream works beautifully on both them and black beans, so they pair well.

    and i thought those t-bones i bought were very reasonable. i got three 8-10oz ones for about $10. normally they cost about $12/lb or so. anyway, all three turned out really well and i ate every bite.

    i saw there was a 6.2 earthquake up in your area, but 600+ km from you, do i didn’t inquire this time. hope all has been going well. i haven’t expected @greg to be on much until he gets all the ‘puter probs sorted–i well know how underwater that can put you.


    Wagyu beef from here is definitely not the same as Wagyu from Japan.
    It is pasture fed here. I can also be pasture finished. I guess that is up to the individual supplier. I know my supplier does pasture finish.

    In Japan it is all feed lot. They just don’t have the room.
    I haven’t tried the top drawer Kobe beef (not likely too either at the prices it goes for) but I have talked to people who have. They say if you can get Kobe for the same price go for it, but the Aussie stuff is pretty darn good too. Still I am not sure I would pay 10X myself. Here it is 1.5 – 2X and I am prepared to pay that markup. Just. But not for hamburgers. I was at a restaurant the other day, and they were offering Wagyu beef burgers for a mere $20 each. My local “greasy joes” sells a pretty decent non Wagyu burger for $AUD6.

    Computer back up and running. For now. I just happened to have a 240GB SSD lying around. I accidentally bought two when I was upgrading my Laptop (it has 1x 240GB SSD + 1x750GB HDD now). So built the drive then dropped it in and it has been working happily for the last 30 minutes. Hopefully it will still be apples in a few days.

    Still it never rains but it pours. Pam’s mum died overnight so @Suzanne those photos I promised in another thread will be delayed a few days more.


    Well in the same flyer as the $50 Wagyu they have Prime Rib Grilling steak for $9 and flank steak for $10. And Striploin I usually pay $4.99.
    I think I would have to win the lottery to pay $50 a lb. for meat but one never knows. I have paid large sums for restaurant meals in the past.

    In the Yukon a decent burger is $12.99+ CAD ($13.58 AUD) just for the burger and people gobble them down. I can’t think how ground beef would benefit from extra marbling throughout instead of the usual added fat, but what do I know. I did a Kenji like run on burgers a couple of years ago and found the most significant difference was in how the meat was handled when mixing and forming the patty.

    I will probably try the pork though.

    Sorry to hear about your wife’s mother.


    very sorry to hear that greg.

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