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    Laura Pazzaglia

    In light of recent events, we created a space for you to share your thoughts about pressure cookers and how their perception has changed in the last year, and even the last few days. We invite fans and skeptics to join us in an open debate!



    The recent events in Boston have changed my mind about pressure cookers about as much as they have changed my mind about pipes, nails, ball bearings, circuit boards, and backpacks, which is to say, not at all.



    Hi Laura!

    I am a user of pressure cookers but I’ve never been completely convinced about their safety, although recent technical enhancements are certainly increasing my confidence.

    The missuse of pressure cookers in Boston do not change my perception. Instead, this unfortunate event  makes me feel the urge to help others.  If the pressure cooker can help the planet by cooking with less energy and waste then why not!



    with an hammer I can carve a beautiful sculpture … or else.

    man is the issue not the tool!


    Laura Pazzaglia

    Very nicely said Hawaii2000 and roby!

    In the meantime, the Boston Globe has published a very thoughtful piece about how the reporter’s pressure cooking was affected by the tragedy:

    Take back the pressure cooker, and cook!



    I love my pc as much as the next guy, but I can’t say I’ve pc’d anything since all of this happened.  I shoot a side-ways glances to it from across the kitchen to make sure my pc isn’t spending time with the wrong hardware, tho.



    I have been selling (Fissler and recently Berghoff)  and using pressure cookers for several years. They are safe to use, same time and energy, and create delicious dishes.  How they may be used outside of the kitchen has little applicability with regard to their benefits in the kitchen.




    Laura – your new site is fantastic!!!  Thankyou so much for all the effort you have put into this site, thanks to you and your wonderful recipes my pressure cooker is the go-to item in my kitchen – love it!!!  Penny



    My mom gave me my pressure cooker 25 years ago, and the only atrocity I’ve ever committed with it was to cook meat.



    I’d be lost without my pressure cooker.  Despite recent events, I’m sure people are paying attention to pressure cookers now for their fast cooking and saving energy, not for their malicious misuse.

    The secret to saving energy is using as little liquid as possible.  Apparently, some people mistakenly drown the contents under water or keep the stove heat up too high when the cooker has reached pressure – or both!  In a 6 litre pressure cooker, 200ml of liquid is just enough to fill the cooker with steam to create pressure for around 15 minutes, a lot less than needed to boil in a saucepan with the same contents.  Some recipes will use more liquid if the food absorbs it, such as pasta.


    Laura Pazzaglia

    Laar, as long as you keep your pressure cooker out of the garage and onto your cook top you have nothing to worry about!

    Yogiwan, would love to hear a first-hand accoount in the next few weeks on if sales change – hopefully for the good!

    Thanks Yebo!

    Onoyoudont, glad to hear your pressure cooker is still going strong after 25 years!

    David, excellent tips. Thanks for sharing.





    I know it’s silly, but I bought a fissler blue point online recently–it arrived last Wednesday and I live in Boston, so I did wonder if those two factors would put me on someone’s radar, but since no swat team busted down my door, I feel safe to talk about it. :) The recent events haven’t changed my perception of pressure cookers. Growing up, my parents cooked frequently in their pc and I’m excited to cook many meals in mine. So far I’ve only cooked beets, but want to  make something that truly shows the greatness of the pressure cooker…which is why I’m here! Feel free to make suggestions…



    Those who are familiar with their pressure cookers know that these young men significantly altered their pc’s to make bombs.  Today’s pc’s are built with safety in mind and I never worry about the kind of accidents that might have happened 50 years ago.  I feel the same way about my pressure canner.   They are tools that are safe to use in our kitchens and we shouldn’t let the fear of Boston bombs deter us from using them repeatedly.  It was the deranged mind that created the distruction, not the tool. “There’s nothing to fear but fear itself.”



    I’m from Massachusetts and was disconcerted that the bombs at the Boston Marathon were put together using pressure cookers. How dare they! However, this was a text message that I received from a good friend in NYC: “I know this is terrible but with all of these pressure cookers in the news, I keep thinking of you.” This is when I realized I was in really deep with my pressure cookers. We all will have to continue to provide the public with good things from pcs.




    The event in Boston was tragic – in oh so many ways!!!  Do you think people will stop buying fireworks because they were used in making the bombs? I think not!

    I recently bought an electric pressure cooker because I couldn’t find the gasket for the one I received as a wedding gift 40 years ago!  I may not use it as often as some, but there are certain dishes (Italian potted beef) that I wouldn’t be able to make any other way!

    Thanks Laura for the tips and tricks!

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