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    and a wildly off-topic post that is only tangentially related to cooking. but should be hilarious to some at least.

    @greg you’re the closest thing i have to a chemist so i’m posting this to see if you agree with the findings.

    [note: i know the subject of guns is very very sensitive nowadays and it’s impossible to predict how my friends overseas feel about the subject. i do have guns, but i live alone in a rural area far from any law enforcement and i also am a longtime target shooter. why did you think i had those super-accurate scales? one reason is because i measure grains of powder to load my own ammunition which is what target shooting demands to get accuracy.]

    i just bought a 2l container of canola oil. it’s not crisco, but if this is true, i’m [ass]uming i can now clean my barrels with it. which would save me a _lot_ of money–that stuff is expensive. and these guys were pricing their ‘crisco’ astronomically.


    [note: i’m not a fan of the gun cult crowd here and detest the nra. thus i take sagenfraude in laughing when they get taken in.]



    you guys still here? is this thing <taptaptap> on? [g] @helen @greg

    too far off topic? potentially too controversial?

    well, it seems i’ll be back here much more often. i’d been hanging out on the fb group tormenting @donna but today after posting a rant about the iphone app i got called a racist because i called the malaysians who took my job ‘incompetent’.

    i mean, i’m pretty sure i can judge their level of incompetence since i was forced to train my replacements!

    they said they reported me to facebook. evidently they haven’t actually been out on fb and read much if they think calling someone ‘incompetent’ is a racial slur!

    @laura and @donna, i apologize. there are hundreds of very helpful people in that group and a handful of those who take political correctness to an extreme level. one thing i have to be grateful for is that i won’t live long enough to have to endure the incoming, overly sensitive, entitled younger generation although it would be fun to watch them see reality for the first time. [g]



    Probably both. But in my case I have had problems logging on. the iPad didn’t want to play ball and the desktop just got too iffy at the end. I now have a new computer. in the end I went with an iMac5K. I just couldn’t see where the extra $2000 went for the Pro. Still setting it up. But I appear to have lost all my Parallels Virtual Machines. Still looking in odd corners and hoping.

    Odd that “Crisco” is synonymous with Canola. Here it is the brand I buy when I am after Peanut (groundnut?) oil. I neither know nor care about the chemistry of gun cleaning oils. But I wouldn’t be at all surprised. That sort of thing has happened before. Though they may add some stuff or refine it more than cooking oil. Here you used to be able to buy Olive oil in the chemists (pharmacy) 50ml for around $20. Or you could go to the supermarket and get 4000ml for about the same price.

    I really do not understand the gun culture in the USA. Yes I know the “right to bear arms” is in the constitution, but as I understand it that was within the context of using militia for defence against invaders rather than having the cost of a standing army. You now run one of the biggest armed forces in the world. So that context is lost. Readily available “arms” now seems to cause more trouble than it is worth. Except to the munitions and firearms industry. I have spent a grand total of a month in the US in my life. In that month, in the city I was in (greater Boston) there were more murders, mostly involving firearms, than we have in the entire country in a year. I have no fear of being shot or even mugged anywhere any time in this country. Yes it does happen, but my chances of being run over by a car or even killed by a snake are much higher.

    How you would go about winding things back to a saner position, I don’t know.


    sure glad you’ve popped back up old man, was beginning to worry!

    no time to type now as i’ve put in a 24 hour shift installing operating systems, and not even for my new mac which is _still_ not in production!

    no, i was given a super deal on a lenovo thinkpad t420 laptop for a price i couldn’t refuse. it was a refurb, but a factory one and sold by newegg–one of the most reputable online tech stores.

    anyway, i ran into a snag getting the supplied windows authorized and with a refurb there’s no vendor support. newegg would have refunded my money, but they had already sold out of these. so i went into extreme hack mode and it took me nearly 3 days to track down the clues necessary to get a copy installed. and i’ve just finished up and now have a 200gb win7 pro 64-bit install on one partition and a ubuntu linux install on the other 100gb partition. it’s a 300gb drive.

    i just did some basic setup stuff and got remote desktop working on both so i could use the mac kb and display. and i still need a wall-to-wall backup before i start tweaking. but this machine just flies with the extra 8gb of ram i added to total 10gb.

    happy etc

    happy happy joy joy


    since i wrote that, a patent has appeared showing that the product is a combo of 3 ‘vegetable oils’. someone challenged folks to use this product and canola oil and compare them and if they proved equally effective, to make their decision based on cost. that sounds logical.

    yeah, most of the gun control crowd seizes on the ‘militia’ phrase, but i think that a weak argument at best. sure we have what people consider ‘militias’, but the writers were not speaking of them, but the need for every citizen to be ready to grab his guns and come help with some emergency. as we’ve seen over and over again, just because things have changed doesn’t make the constitution easier to amend!

    one could argue that with the level of government overreach (nsa, dea, cops shooting unarmed civilians seemingly daily) that the clear language of the constitution saying that everyone should have a gun to overthrow an oppressive government might come into play. [g]

    our much vaunted ‘militia’, the armed forces, haven’t won a war since ww2, btw. well, except when reagan invaded grenada and all the ganja smokers on the beach looked up and said, ‘wowwwww!’. and if kids no longer grow up learning gun safety and how to shoot as most did in the 50s, then it’ll only get worse. not that i’ll mourn, of course. having such an army which supports perhaps 40% of our industry supporting them is way too great a temptation for kneejerk politicians, witness iraq mess.

    i personally support reasonable gun control laws and many people do. but the idiots in congress are incapable of writing any effective or reasonable ones, witness the ‘assault weapons ban’ which was cosmetic and ignores the fact that 95% of gun crimes are handguns. but, as in your tragedy there, it’s the mass killings with semi-auto weapons which suck up all the news cycles.



    Just back from the north on Saturday and just managed to get my internet hooked up by the evil Shaw. Those people can make NitWiTel look like rocket scientists.
    They hooked up my phone but kept disconnecting it again so the technician could not get in to install the router which they insisted could only be installed by a technician.
    Today I went to their office and managed to talk them into giving me the router. Plugged it in, connected the cable and off it went.

    I have a Lenovo refurbished laptop. It did have a warranty but Lenovo support is pretty weaselly. I sent two back for various reasons and on the 3rd did not notice the battery was no good. Well it is still no good. Lenovo sent it back saying it was okay. It would not charge ion my mothers laptop and her battery would charge in mine, so I suspect they did not even look at it.

    Other than that it is still going strong after 4 years. I upgraded the HD to 1T because I happened to have one around and put the existing 640G in a USB 3.0 case for a cheap portable HD.


    I do not think the problem is with the gun laws, it is the wide disparity between the haves and the have-nots.
    In Canada we have pretty strict gun laws but pretty easy to get a gun. While we do not have the same crime level as the US it is probably a lot higher than Australia.
    And we treat our poor and disenfranchised every bit as badly.


    yeah, i agree @helen. i don’t vote anymore as i consider the system too broken, but the one candidate speaking truth to power is the democratic socialist bernie sanders. pity that he has no chance whatsoever of being elected.

    i used to vote libertarian when that party had reasonable leaders, but they’ve dropped the social equality part of their platform and embraced rabid ayn rand-type capitalism.

    so far i’m very very pleased with my thinkpad purchase. it was an older model of course (t420) and was a refurb, but my sample was 98-99% mint condition and has 5ghz wireless and the intel graphics card rather than piggybacking on the cpu. solid as a rock too.

    as i said, i couldn’t originally get a replacement when i found the os corrupted, but they (newegg) are now selling them for $299 (i paid $219) with integrated graphics and no battery.

    btw, the guy who turned me on to the deal installed an ssd in his and likes his every bit as much.

    back to the gun control topic, not that many people know this because they don’t have the local knowledge i do. i detest the nra who virtually owns a couple hundred congressmen and senators. but few know that ultra-extreme christians took over their leadership back in the late 80s. i know this because their hq church and university is in my hometown and charlton heston (a previous head of the nra) was a frequent visitor because his wife taught there. that group pulled a coup and installed him as the head and they still control it.

    i myself was a ‘victim’ of that sect until about the age of 21 when i finally broke free. they are horrible people with outrageous beliefs. thus i am not an unbiased reporter. [g]



    I agree about the lobbying and the NRA and of course there is a large crowd who tie their masculinity to guns and money. But the bigger problem is Joe citizen who does not want an existing right taken away and who can blame them even if it is a dangerous right. In Canada we never had that right and few of us own or even want guns. I have been in possession of a gun briefly on two occasions which I took away from someone who was pointing it at someone. Still we have possibly surpassed the US in our callous disregard for the poor, the homeless, the mentally disabled and the aboriginal population. It is embarrassing to be Canadian these days. Sorry for ranting on.

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