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    Laura Pazzaglia

    OK, here I am! Here are a few tips to get you started…

    First, if you see a pre-installed script in the SMARTApp and want to write something similar, all you need to do click on the little green box with an arrow pointing up near the top of the recipe to see what it looks like.

    How to view the steps of a script

    From the DIY section, you’ll note that some of the script programming steps SOUND the same like “Heat to a pressure” and “Hold the pressure” but they actually do different things. The former lets you choose at what percentage the heating element is used (ie. intensity of heat) until the desired pressure is reached, while the second uses a pre-programmed heat up (I think 80-100% if I remember correctly) and decides how long the cooker will hold the temperature at that pressure.

    I generally use very few commands to write my own recipe scripts…

    pressure cooking times
    You’ll see that I primarily use the “Hold The Pressure” command to pressure cook – and I just type-in the cooking time.

    opening methods
    If I want the cook to open the pressure cooker right after pressure cooking, using “Normal Release”. I just add the “Pause” command and choose the words “done” and beeps.

    If I want the cook to open the pressure cooker 10 minutes after pressure cooking, using the “10-min Natural Release”. I add two “Pause” commands. The first one pauses for a duration of 10 minutes, with the words “hot”, and the second one pauses for the duration of one second with the words “done” and beeps.

    If I want to pressure cooker to open once all of the pressure is gone, using “Natural Pressure Release”. I also add two pauses, but the first one is to the temperature of 210F/98C (which detects when the temperature has fallen enough for the lid to unlock – below boiling). And then the second one uses the words “done” with beeps.

    Instant Pot SMART Temperatures for Non-pressure Programs Cheat Sheet
    You can set any of these using the “Hold the Temperature” setting – remember that the temperature is measured at the base of the pressure cooker and if the item is still or un-stirred you’ll need to select a higher temperature to make sure it reaches that temperature all the way to the top of the liquid.

    Don’t miss my chart of all the temperatures that you can set for “slow cooking”, or “yogurt making” at the bottom of this review:

    Instant Pot SMART® Pressure Cooker Review

    all the hip scripts in one place
    To find additional hip recipes with Instant Pot Smart Scripts visit.


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