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    Oh this is to much, a 25 minute 1949 flick by the Pressure Cooker Institute introducing a new way to cook.
    Check out the weight on the cooker with the spring valve that indicates high and low pressure!
    The first lady in the movie is standing in front of an ice box, the next lady actually has a refrigerator.
    But that Presto cooker looks first rate for the time, love to get my hands on one and find out. (I like old stuff that works)

    Laura Pazzaglia


    “To the girl who will use a normal amount of caution and a minimal amount of cooking imagination, a pressure cooker can become a key to new and wonderful delights.”

    What a great find! I added it to a playlist on the hip YouTube channel so others can find it, too.

    Lovely explanation. I’m a big fan of well-done infomercials, and this is one of them!!



    Laura Pazzaglia

    P.S. Here is the recipe booklet they show in the video – if you want to give some of those retro recipes a try!

    Presto Vintage Pressure Cooker recipe booklet

    Greg Lee

    “December Bride”, starring Spring Byington, was a show my family watched on TV when I was in school. I think I caught a glimpse of Marjorie Main (played “Ma Kettle”) in the video — she was doing pressure canning. A little research turns up the info that Marjorie and Spring were lovers.


    Haha :D Nice one!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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