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    Hi Laura
    I love your site and book, BUT, why don’t you do your recipes on YouTube. We watch Hot Thai Kitchen on YouTube which is great and the host Pai has now got a TV spot. I am sure that you would do great on TV as most of the PC cooks are no where up to your standards of presentation or have the fab recipes that you have!
    Just a thought.
    Lynn (A fan)

    Laura Pazzaglia

    Lynn, thanks for the suggestion. I have a few recipes on YouTube. Taping the recipe is the easy part.


    Prepping, setting-up, having the kitchen unavailable for actual cooking, editing and producing the video are what takes the longest. Now that I’ve got some new tools, and I’ve been editing the Kuhn Rikon videos (one has been waiting a couple of weeks for approval and should be ready soon) it’s getting a little bit easier.

    Never say never. But, unfortunately there is only one of me – while many successful YouTubers have an extra hand behind the scenes!



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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