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For pressure cooker model numbers: FPC605S, FPC607S, FPC802S and FPCS001

Manufacturer Website: Fresco International

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  1. Can I get the manual for a fresco pressure cooker MODEL #FPC-802S. This was my moms & there was no manual. Trying to see if there is a low pressure setting. Looks like there is only one setting. Thank you

    1. Click on the word “download” above where you left your comment to download the manual. ; )



    2. Bonnie, it’s in our manual library. You can get to the manual by searching the site for “fresco” or by clicking here:



    3. i have an old aluminum fresco pres cooker with aluminum rack and great instructions recipes…just bought a new stainless s mod #fpc8025 dont know if supposed to set to I or steam setting plus plus not enough recipes in new book….ps how come no ss rack

  2. I have a fresco fpc-900 and I have no idea how to set or know what the pressure regulator is set at?? I can’t find anything online.

    1. The manual above has a diagram and calls the pressure regulator a “pressure limiting valve”.



  3. I am missing my pressure weight for my FPC 900 pressure cooker. Where may I find a replacement and how much will it cost?

  4. I have fpc- 900 and doc- 550 , I need pressure cooker cealing ring. How and from where I can get much it will cost.
    1- AEON A26CM G2
    2-AEONA22CM G
    These are cealing rings number

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