Today we’re going to get acquainted with the pressure cooker. We’re going to learn all about the pressure cooker parts and what they do, the safety systems and we’re also going to put it through a test run, to see how it works.

Welcome to Pressure Cooking School!



Getting Acquainted With the Pressure Cooker

Getting Acquainted - Pressure Cooking School

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  1. Thank you, thank you so much for all this wonderful information! Love your recipes and have tried several, I’m off to make bread in my instant pot!

    1. Welcome Mickie, I’m so glad to read you dove right in!



  2. Thank you for the helpful information! I bought an Instant Pot in the recent Black Friday sale, and am making myself wait until Christmas before getting started. In the meantime, I’ve been trying to learn as much as I can about the cooker, and how to use it. This was a great and informative video!

    1. Time to open that box and go, Jennier!



  3. Thank you so much…I have had my pressure cooker for a year and have been afraid to use it!

    1. Catht – Step 1: Get it out of the box. ; )

      You can do it!



  4. Thank you so much. I have an electric pressure cooker but I’m not very confident with it. I have bought your books from Amazon but there is nothing like watching someone to do things right.
    I am a senior and this is my first attempt at pressure cooking so thanks for your help.
    I live in New Zealand.

    1. I’ve been doing in-person demos for years – and that’s my favorite way to teach. But I could never reach enough people or, enough places, so I decided to do a very extended demo on video. OK, a school.

      So glad to have a fan in New Zealand, and that I can show you how to do it.

      Welcome, Coleen!



  5. I’m enjoying the lessons but the music is crazy and aggressive – the volume increase when going from verbal instruction to the credits is really jarring

  6. I’m enjoying the lessons but the music is crazy aggressive – I find the volume increase when going from verbal instruction to the credits really jarring!

  7. Love these videos … I’ve “ruined” some good cuts of meat – now I know why! Looking forward to more videos!

  8. FABULOUS! This is so easy to understand and exactly what I was looking for!

  9. Can I use a 3 qt inner pot in my 6 qt IP lux?

    1. You could use the 3-qt inner pot for Pot-In-Pot cooking – say for rice. You would place the 3-qt inner pot on top of a trivet inside the 6-qt inner pot.

  10. In your meat/poultry charts, is the cooking time per pound or TOTAL cooking time? Thank you. We eat bison, would i use the elk meat cooking times?
    Thank you

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