Hip Shopping: New Digital & Multi-Timers!

A digital timer is a must for keeping track of minutes when pressure cooking veggies, fish and eggs (coming next week) one minute extra and veggies can go from succulent to mush. “Twist and ding” timers are just not accurate or reliable for timing anything under 10 minutes!

I updated a quite a few things in my little hip shopping page. The most exciting timers: one like mine that I love,  and one I’ve seen used on Top Chef!

The timer in the middle, Triple Digital Kitchen Timer, is just like the one I’ve used for years. Other than the ability to keep track of multiple things as they are cooking there is a magnet on the back to keep it parked on your fridge or range hood so you don’t loose it. Now… where did I put that pressure cooker?!?

The last one to the right, DoneRight Timer, was used in an episode of the TV cooking show Top Chef. It’s a little cube that fits right in your hand. It features one timer for each burner on your cooktop, plus one in the front for the oven.

Come take a look at all the other new Digital Timers I’ve added to the shop!

What’s your favorite digital timer, and why?  Leave me a comment and I’ll try to add it to the collection in the shop.