A digital timer is a must for keeping track of minutes when pressure cooking veggies, fish and eggs (coming next week) one minute extra and veggies can go from succulent to mush. “Twist and ding” timers are just not accurate or reliable for timing anything under 10 minutes!

I updated a quite a few things in my little hip shopping page. The most exciting timers: one like mine that I love,  and one I’ve seen used on Top Chef!

The timer in the middle, Triple Digital Kitchen Timer, is just like the one I’ve used for years. Other than the ability to keep track of multiple things as they are cooking there is a magnet on the back to keep it parked on your fridge or range hood so you don’t loose it. Now… where did I put that pressure cooker?!?

The last one to the right, DoneRight Timer, was used in an episode of the TV cooking show Top Chef. It’s a little cube that fits right in your hand. It features one timer for each burner on your cooktop, plus one in the front for the oven.

Come take a look at all the other new Digital Timers I’ve added to the shop!

What’s your favorite digital timer, and why?  Leave me a comment and I’ll try to add it to the collection in the shop.




  1. In response to timers…

    Cook’s Illustrated notes that if you’re cooking for a crowd with a pot topping each burner and food in the over, the DoneRight Timer is a clever solution. In a separate review of timers in October of 2010, CI Recommended American Innovative Chef’s Quad Timer, Model QUAD4B-US and West Bend’s 24-Hour Triple Timer, Model 40053. Three other timers were recommended “with reservations” and three more were not recommended at all.

    My most frequently used timer is an old standby, the Lux CP2428-80 Mechanical Classic Timer. Since it’s mechanical, it isn’t as accurate as the electronic ones that time to the second, but for cooking that doesn’t require split second timing or periods longer than 60 minutes, this timer is easy. No pushing of multiple buttons; just the turn of a dial. I recognize that for some recipes a minute or two shorter or longer than the desired cooking time can make a real difference, but most things I cook don’t require timing down to the second. When it does, I typically set the timer function on my microwave.

  2. I added the Chef’s Quad Timer to the timer category in the shop. Thanks for the reminder that a microwave, or cell phone, timer can also do in a pinch!



  3. The very best timer in the world is free! I use the Absolute Attention app on my tablet, where I also keep my recipes and links to my favorite cooking sites! It is super simple to use by speaking the amount of time you want after tapping the microphone icon. It plays a pretty tune until you tap to stop it. I will never use a mechanical timer again! Install it at the Google Play Store (Android tablets or phones) or your Apple app place (ipad or iphone). It has two modes; it will count up or down. You want the countDOWN mode.

  4. That’s a great tip Sweet Sandals,..I have some just not right now I’ll be back when my database is revived.

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