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Hip Notes:
Venting pressure cooker with one pressure setting. The highest operating pressure is 11.6psi or 80kpa – some recipes and ingredients will require time adjustments for non-standard cookers. Bring the cooker to pressure with high heat with a minimum of two cups of water. After the first vent (loud shhhh! from the valve) turn down the heat to medium and begin counting the pressure cooking time.

Manufacturer Website: IKEA

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  1. IKEA have a new model out. It is called vardesatta.
    It seems significantly improved on the Dillkot but looks quite klunky
    Available in 4 and 6 litre variants
    0.6 bar (9psi) low and 1 bar (15psi) high pressure settings
    Minimum liquid is 250 ml (1 cup)

    English manual is here :
    It also contains German, French, Dutch, Danish, Icelandic and Norwegian.
    I think there are other manuals to get all the languages. The search I used to find the manual was “vardesatta kPa”. There were other hits. I opened the one I could read.

    1. I just skimmed the manual and already found an error. I posted a copy of it the library – and added a hip note. Who knows what I’ll find when I study it carefully!!!

      Thanks for letting me know, Greg. Finally, it appears they are using a spring valve – but I won’t know for sure until I get to take a look at it, myself.



  2. Bought this 2 years ago. Have tried it maybe 5 times. Failed every time (leaking, pressure not building up). It really is a completely useless pressure cooker.

    1. That could explain why they replaced it. However, in my experience IKEA are pretty good at customer support. Have you tried returning it?

      It does sound like a gasket issue though. This is a consumable and should be replaced every few years. Have you replaced it?

    2. It’s the useless hole that they placed at the side of the cover that’s causing the gasket to leak. I have the same problem.

  3. My pressure cooker locked and I have the meat inside a plastic bag with no water. How can I unlock the lid.

    1. You have to release pressure from the cooker. If the pressure is already released, press down on the indicator (the circle in the handle) and then twist the lid open.



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