Pressure Cooking Saves Time, Energy and Vitamins!

Do you want to know more about pressure cooking, but don’t know where to begin?  Tried to explain pressure cooking to friends and were answered with a blank stare? Want to show everyone how to save energy one meal at a time?

Here’s an infographic, a visual to convey information, to quickly explain the time, energy and vitamin benefits of pressure cooking – so you don’t have to.

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UPDATE: We now added an infographic for electric pressure cookers, too.  Scroll further down this page to see it.

Infographic: Pressure Cooking Saves Time, Energy & Vitamins! (excerpt) full size here

Infographic: Pressure cooking saves time, energy & vitamins! (electric pressure cookers)

Benefits of Pressure Cooking - Info Graphic!



This pressure cooker infographic contains the following information:

  • How The Pressure Cooker Works – in three easy steps;
  • Pressure Cooking is Fast – with table comparing the conventional and pressure cooking time for vegetables, roast, potatoes and beans;
  • Pressure Cooking is Green – with three charts: the first one compares the temperatures achieved by the pressure cooker vs. conventional cooking, the second compares the pressure cooker energy-savings with the savings achieved from new energy-efficient light bulbs, and the last chart compares the pressure cooker’s evaporation rate with that of a covered and un-covered pot of boiling water;
  • Pressure Cooking is Healthy – with chart comparing vitamin savings of pressure cooking vs. steaming, microwaving, boiling and roasting;
  • Pressure Cooking is Easy – visual comparison of how many pots, pans and strainers are needed to make a conventional pasta recipe vs. making pasta and sauce together directly in the pressure cooker.

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