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  1. Can the recipes in the Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Recipes book be used in other electric pressure cookers? I have used pressure cookers since I can remember. I am on my second digital electric pressure cooker, but it’s not an Instant Pot. That will be my next splurge. But I just need to know if those recipes will work in other digital electric pressure cookers. Thanks for your time.

    1. A pressure cooker is a pressure cooker is a pressure cooker.
      You can use any pressure cooker recipe (almost) form any source with any other pressure cooker.

      The only exception is if your recipe specifies LOW pressure and your pressure cooker only has one pressure setting (invariably high)

      Do check the pressure the recipe is aimed at though. And compare it with the pressure your PC claims. You may need to adjust the timing. For that matter you can usually get by with a recipe written for low pressure at high pressure by simply halving the time.

      The other thing to watch out for is if you have a non stick bowl, you may want to do any preliminary frying in a separate pot on the stove then transfer the contents.

  2. I am wondering if anyone out there knows how to cook a 8.5 lb hen in the Pressure Cooker XL

    1. You can follow the recipe and instructions here, I would do 30-35 minutes for that size bird!



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