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Instant Pot’s gave a peek of their upcoming pressure cooker model at pre-International Housewares Show news conference in New York, yesterday.  Where top cooking websites were able to take a few photos of the pre-production model and ask questions.

Since this was a quick preview, it’s likely that there are some finer points of this new model that might have been missed or misreported so we’ll need to wait for Instant Pot to release more information about it or for Hip Cooking to get their hands on it for more details.

Here’s a round-up of what I’ve been shown and told from Instant Pot, along with reports from The Kitchn and Bon Appetit have seen.

Late Spring Release

The new model should be released in May or June 2018 – a precise date will be released later.

New Pressure Setting

Instant Pot MAX
(Image credit: Lisa Freedman, TheKitchn)

The new model is called “Max” a reference to the “Maximum Pressure” it can reach. It will have three pressure levels the two standard “low” and “high” pressure (which is 11.6 psi).  The new pressure setting is “max” pressure – which is a completely new pressure setting for electric pressure cookers which can reach, and maintain, the temperature equivalent to 15psi.

Canning Function

The higher pressure setting has made it possible for Instant Pot to propose a “pressure canning” function.  However, as of the time of this writing, it is important to note that the National Center for Home Food Preservation (NCHFP) – the organization that shares tested processing times, temperatures and pressure for pressure canning – has yet to announce their support for this (or any) electric pressure cooker to be used for canning.

See Also: Pressure Canning Guide & FAQ – Put ’em up!

Releases Pressure by Itself

The lid will feature an automated valve, that will open by itself to release pressure. It will have three venting options: vent fully, vent intermittently or don’t vent at all.

Stirs, too?!?

Both TheKitchen and the Bon Appetit articles mention a stirring option – I have not personally heard or seen it.  But it could be. Instant Pot does have power going into the lid to control the valve, so this power could control something else as well.  While their articles say it’s great for bone broth or risotto, those hip to pressure cooking already know that you don’t need to stir risotto while it’s under pressure.  However, if this feature is true, it would definitely keep some thicker recipes from sticking to the base and release any super-heated bubbles trapped underneath.


The Max will have the spin-dial, previously seen on the Ultra, but also have a touch-screen.  Making it easier to choose an option by tapping on it, and then spinning the dial to set it.

Additional options will include a temperature sensor in the lid which tracks the temperature of the steam inside, the ability to lack the interface so kids and spouses won’t change the programming and few favorite features from the previous model which include: tracking the cooking program, turning off all the sounds, and altitude adjustment.  There may also be some kind of connectivity – but there are no specific details about this, yet.

Here’s are the latest articles with information on Instant Pot’s new model (we’ll add more sources as they’re published):


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  1. Wow. An electric pressure cooker which can COOK and MAINTAIN 15 psi! If this is true, I hope other manufacturers of electrics will follow suit.
    Laura, if you get to test one of these, please do a temperature test of this “Max” pressure and see if it really does reach – and maintain – 121.1C (or higher).

    1. I will! Instant Pot purchased the same logging thermometer that I use and they showed me the results on a pre-announcement skype call. What they showed me results did show 121°C the entire test period. There was at least one flaws in their test such as laying the probe on a stainless steel rack – which could skew the readings – but I’m pretty sure they’re going to tweak it to work well.

      The person I spoke to said they would run the tests again using a rack that would not transfer heat to the probe (like slicone).



      1. If the temperature can stay at 121°C (or 121.1°C) at the high/max pressure setting, this would be a first for an electric pressure cooker. Hopefully your tests will reveal if it can sustain at least 121°C. I hope their European models in future will also offer full 15psi 121°C. Hopefully they are reading this; I’m happy for you to show Instant Pot this comment.

  2. I’m intrigued by the stirring option. Bet it would be useful for polenta to prevent scorching.

    1. Franco! Yes, would love to see it for that!!



  3. Hi,

    Could you please check with them if they have a 220 volts (European) model for the MAX? We are out of stock since December on this other side of the pond (only LUX and DUO were available here) and no one shares any news.

    On a side note, it is fun to see that a cooking related website uses… cookies :)

    Thanks a lot,

    1. I don’t have any recent news, but when I went to visit the UK distributor they told me they like to wait a year until after a new Instant Pot model is released before making an EU model. In fact, they have not brought all the US models to Europe. As far as I know, they have not changed this conservative approach.



        1. Thanks, Augustin. I wonder why it was put on there an taken off? I find this line of the description interesting: “Power-connected lid allows for agitated cooking, as well as slow and fast press release with app. controlled failsafe”. I mean, could this be where the confusion about the self-stirring lid be coming from? Agitated?



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