Instant Pot DUO

For Models: IP-DUO60, IP-DUO50, IP-DUO60-ENW and IP-DUO50-ENW

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Quick-start Guide




Hip Summary:

Electric pressure cooker with two pressure settings (high and low). Maximum operating pressure (high pressure) is 11.6 psi or 80kpa – some recipes and ingredients will require time adjustments for non-standard cookers.  The minimum liquid requirement is two 180ml measures (plastic cup that comes with the cooker) or 1 1/2 standard (8oz) U.S. measuring cups.

Steam is released vertically from the steam handle. Release pressure when the cooker is not underneath upper kitchen cabinets.

Version 2  or -ENW

Instant Pot made some improvements to the new production of DUO’s without changing the model number.  This is colloquially known as DUO V2.  Some retailers have exclusive agreements with Instant Pot and sell these new versions under the model number DUO-ENW.  Any DUO manufactured after December 2015) has these adjustments:

  • Pressure cooking time in all programs are extended to a max 240 minutes.
  • Soup in More mode has default 240 minutes for making broth
  • Slowcook temperature adjustment – More mode: 93~99°C/200~210°F (High in a common slow cooker) – Normal mode: 87.8~93°C/190-200°F (Medium in a common slow cooker) – Less mode: 82-87.8°C/180-190°F (Low in a common slow cooker) *
  • Audible beeps on/off. – Beeps are On as in factory settings. To turn beep off, press and hold “-” for 3 seconds and the LCD screen will display “S OFF” for five seconds and beep one last time; or press and hold “+” to turn on beeps, and LCD will display “S On” for five seconds and beep.
  • Beeps will still be audiable in error scenarios, such as temperature sensor failure.
  • Auto keep warm on/off: – The Auto Keep-warm state is On in factory settings; meaning Keep-warm will kick-in after a program finishes. When a cooking function button is pressed, the function button LED will be lit. Auto Keep-warm can be toggle On and Off by pressing the function key. When it’s On, the Keep-warm LED is on; when it’s off, the Keep-warm LED is off.
  • Memorizing previous program settings: time, pressure, temperature, but not auto-keep-warm
  • Press and hold Adjust button 3 seconds to reset to factory default

Version 3  or -V3

In addition to the enhancements noted above, Instant Pot has removed two programs and replaced them with the following:

“Cake” – for steaming varoius kinds of cakes by placing the cake tin on the steamer rack with water in the base of the pressure cooker.

“Egg” – To pressure cook eggs.  ‘Less’ mode for soft boiled, ‘Normal’ mode for
medium boiled, and ‘More’ mode for hard boiled.

Instant Pot DUO Error Messages & Codes

Error CodePossible CauseRecommended Actions
Lid- lid not in correct position for chosen program
- lid not properly placed
- Close and twist the lid locked lid for pressure cooking programs
- Open the lid completely for Saute' program
noPr- pressure not reached during the pre-heating phase
- gasket not correctly placed or warn
- gasket has food debris attached that is preventing a seal
- not enough liquid to reach pressure
- place the gasket in the correct position or order a replacement (they generally last 12-18 months)
- clean the gasket and lid thoroughly
- add more liquid to the pressure cooker
Ovht- overheating detected by sensors
- food too thick and stuck to bottom of pot
- open the pressure cooker and check on the food
- thin-out food with more cooking liquid
(blank screen)- bad connection to the power outlet
- electrical fuse blown
- check that the power cord is connected well to the pressure cooker and outlet
- contact Instant Pot support
C1- faulty temperature sensor (it cannot be detected)- contact Instant Pot support
C2- faulty temperature sensor (short circuited)- contact Instant Pot support
C5- inner pot not in place
- temperature too high
- ensure the inner pot is inside the pressure cooker
- add food an water to the insert
C6- faulty pressure sensor- contact Instant Pot support

See Also: Instant Pot Recipe Booklet
Manufacturer Website: InstantPot Electric Pressure Cooker

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  1. Hi Laura, i wonder if you know what is the best type of power adaptor/transformer to use in the UK/Europe for Northen Americans iPot-Duos.
    My problem is , i live in the Uk and would love to use a Duo version of iPOT, not a old LUX one which is the only one currently available on the UK market….
    Many thanks !

    1. Kora, the transformers cost as much as an Instant Pot because you need one for 1000W! They have plans to release the DUO in the UK before the end of the year – so stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled for the release.



  2. what is the different between low pressure and high pressure for cooking. does it matter.

    1. High pressure can be used for most foods, but delicate foods such as eggs, fish and pasta cook best using low pressure.



  3. I received an instant pot pressure cooker for Christmas a couple of years ago. It did not have a manual or any directions for it. I would love to use it, but afraid I will do something wrong as a result. I would purchase one if you have the manual and directions.

    1. Bernice, just click on the download button, above, to have the manual. You don’t need to repurchase another pressure cooker to get it.



  4. How can I fix a c6 error code please send a link

    1. C6 error code is a faulty pressure sensor. Contact Instant Pot service rep.

  5. Instat pot on off mode . I am not able to go turn it on to any cooking setting.

  6. Took 30 minutes to cook brussels sprouts on high setting. My previous Instant Pot took 10 minutes to get them soft the way I like them. I just did a factory reset and will try again tonight. Any suggestions or do I just have a faulty unit.

    1. That’s entirely too long! It sounds like the cooker did not reach pressure. Do the hot water test to see if the valves and gasket are working properly.



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