Instant Pot SMART + extra ceramic-lined insert for $169.95 ’til 12/31/2016

Coupon for Instant Pot SMART million-in-1 pressure cooker with Bluetooth technology with extra ceramic-lined insert for $169.95 and free shipping from the Instant Pot Store using discount code: hipipot

Now, Instant Pot offers the best of both worlds to hip readers for a limited time. Get their latest pressure cooker model with its existing stainless steel cooking bowl plus an extra cooking insert which is coated in ceramic.

The extra ceramic-coated aluminum liner improves the temperature distribution within the pressure cooker – distributing heat all the way up to the sides of the cooking insert.  This insert more closely replicates the cooking environment inside a slow cooker.

The Instant Pot SMART can pressure cook, and then cook at any temperatures you choose (using their bluetooth connected app – which you can download now for free).  Write your own recipe scripts or just download a recipe script of our recipes  to get the exact same results – without fuss.

To get the discount, purchase the Instant Pot SMART directly from their store for using our coupon code “hipipot” and you’ll only pay $169.95 and get free shipping, too!

Click on the coupon above to go to the Instant Pot store and get this offer – which is for a limited time.

To learn more about Instant Pot SMART- read the review of the SMART :

Instant Pot SMART Pressure Cooker Review

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Download the SMART App & Hip Recipe Scripts
Instant Pot SMART electric Pressure cooker



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