Update: The very first batch of these pressure cookers sold before June 2015 were re-called and re-placedwith brand new units. Instant Pot has fixed the flaw and is only selling the updated pots, now.

Instant Pot SMART electric Pressure cooker
Laura Pazzaglia
“There is no more ‘pressure cooker’ or ‘slow cooker’ just an ‘I decide how fast’ cooker – thanks to the first programmable
– Laura Pazzaglia, founder of the hip pressure cooking website

Instant Pot’s newest model is based on the success of their previous model (DUO) with 7-pre programmed functions, lid slots, etc., but has leapfrogged all multi-cookers to become a smartcooker – a cooking appliance with functionality that can be custom programmed by the cook. The SMART comes with a downloadable app (for iPad/iPhone – Android MarchApril or June 2015) that already contains recipe scripts and gives you the ability to write your own –  you choose the time, temperature and pressure.

For example, you can write a recipe script to slow cook something at a high temperature for an hour and then a lower temperature for 5 hours. Or, you can write a recipe script to pressure cook something at the high pressure for 10 minutes and then slow cook it for an hour – the combinations are endless!  The app can tell Instant Pot to hold any temperature from  68-239°F (20-115°C) for up to 99 hours per script step (you can set 15 steps in a SMART recipe script) to within +/- 1°C of accuracy.

If you don’t want to tinker, you can also download smartcooker recipe scripts from the hip pressure cooking website to automatically calculate a recipes’ pressure cooking and opening time (if any).  The Instant Pot smart cooker app communicates with the smartcooker via Bluetooth®  wireless technology.

Even without the app, the Instant Pot SMART is still a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer,  yogurt maker and it can saute’ foods as well as keep them warm and the display now shares even more information like when the heating element is on or off, and what level of pressure is inside the cooker (if any).

Take a peek at how it works:

About the Coupon

* Coupon valid for a limited time (can be disabled any time)
* $60 discount from $249.95 for an Instant Pot IP-SMART 6L pressure cooker with accessories (see below)
* Free Shipping to Canada and Continental U.S. (excluding Alaska & Hawaii)
* Support hip pressure cooking (at no additional cost to you)
* Coupon can only be used for purchases directly from the manufacturer (no retailers)

Use these coupons (and discount codes) at the Instant Pot store to get discounts

Instant Pot SMART + Glass Lid bundle. Use coupon code: hipipot

Instant Pot SMART . Use coupon code: hipipot
Instant Pot SMARTAbout Instant Pot SMART

Instant Pot is an electric pressure and multi-cooker with the following features:

  • Free iOS app (Android app to be available March June 2015) to program complex cooking steps in recipe scripts on your smartphone/tablet and execute on the cooker wirelessly via Bluetooth®  (in English).
  • 6L/6.33-quart Steel Cooking Pot
  • 3-ply bottom stainless steel cooking pot for durability
  • Finger-print resistant brushed stainless steel exterior
  • 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Cooker (Pressure cooker, Slow cooker, Rice cooker, Steamer, Sauté, Warmer and Yogurt Maker)
  • 10 Safety Mechanisms, UL and ULC Certified
  • 14 Micro-Processor controlled programs: Meat/Stew, Soup, Sauté, Poultry, Bean/Chili, Steam, Multigrain, Porrige, Rice and Slow Cook , Keep- Warm, Yogurt, Pasteurize and Fermented Rice- including manual Pressure Cooking setting
  • Selectable High or Low pressure cooking
  • 3 Adjustable Modes for most functions. 3 Sauté temperature and 3 Slow Cook temperatures
  • Delay Cooking Timer: Up to 24 hours
  • 1000W heating element for faster cooking
  • Automatic Keep-warm
  • Accessories included: stainless steel steam rack, rice paddle, soup spoon, measuring cup, silicone pot grippers
  • Instructions, recipes and cooking time table in English, Spanish, French and Chinese are included


NOTE: The Instant Pot SMART is a first-of-its-kind pressure cooker. Although it was thoroughly tested before being released there may still be some “bugs” that will only be discovered by real-world use.  The purchase price of this pressure cooker includes free software (app) and firmware (pressure cooker control panel) updates.  Be sure to register your pressure cooker to receive information about the latest updates and join us in the forums to tell us about your experience once you get your Instant Pot SMART!


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  1. I’m curious to know with these new features, does it allow you to turn off the “keep warm” function from your tablet/iPhone/Android/etc. and/or ‘unset’ the “keep warm” function from the start?

    That is probably the biggest ‘CON’ for me with the DUO I have today.

    1. FoodFu,

      If you write a recipe script, you can define your own keep-warm temperature (using “Hold the temperature” command) or omit it.

      However, you cannot change the behavior of the built-in programs (the ones you choose when hitting the buttons on the front) because they will automatically go to keep-warm.



  2. Hi again … another burning question: I was reading the IPS FAQ on the IP site and it says “…you cannot set the cooker from your work place. You need to be around the cooker within 30~45 ft (10~15m).” Does that mean your device has to be paired with the IP for the **entire duration** of the recipe?

    I assumed a script was downloaded to the IPS and you could then stop the Bluetooth session and the IPS would continue following the script. How else could you start a script for the slow cooker then go to work?

    Also something else that I hope your readers note … they should check their phone specs to make sure they have a recent enough Bluetooth release (4.x for Android) and Android O/S (4.3 or later).


    1. Sharvo, what you read in the FAQ must be a mis-statement, because that is not what I experienced and it’s different from what my contact told me.

      Constant communication between the tablet and the smartcooker was one of my first concerns since the prototype didn’t connect further than 10 feet – the production model does indeed connect further.

      When you start the script the instructions are sent to the smartcooker, and at that point you can walk away, turn off the tablet, whatever you like. What you cannot do, if you’re further than the Bluetooth range, is check on the status of the program – but the cooker already knows what to do and will keep doing it until the program stops or you stop it via the buttons or the tablet.

      My house is three stories so my livingroom/office is on the ground floor while the kitchen and dining room are on the first floor. I used to have to yell at my kids upstairs to go check Instant Pot and tell me what the display said but now I just open the tablet and I can check it myself. I can even see the exact temperature inside the pot at that moment.



      P.S. I’ll let Instant Pot know that there is that line in the FAQ.

  3. On line 9 of “how the coupon works” you state “your instant pot and lid will ship…” Is that a typo? or does it come with a glass lid? I’m not trying to be a nit picker, just looking for a little clarification. Thank you.

    1. Yes, it is a type-o. This coupon offer does not include a lid. Thank you, we have corrected it!



  4. I ordered the pot last night.
    Wish I had waited for your coupon as you have a very good and supportive site.

    I see a link on your smartcooker page for downloadable scripts but it doesn’t work. Just goes to same page.

    Small typo BTW. Only two o’s in smartcooker.

    Thanks for your lovely website. Getting your book (I hope) for Christmas if broad hints work.


    1. Hi Helen, when you click on the recipe scripts you have to do it from the ipad/iphone in which you have the smart cooker app installed.

      When you tap the black icon, the script will load into the smartcooker app!



      P.S. Thanks for the thought! : )

  5. Ahh. I thought they would be text files. And there was no error message so I found it confusing.

    I don’t have an IPad or iPhone and not likely to get one.

    Will be pleasantly amazed if the android app is available for quite a while.

    Still I bought the pot because I wanted a pressure cooker and even without an app it seems to have more features than most.

    Thanks for your quick reply.


  6. Instant Pot will be shipping on Monday. I am so excited,


  7. I have had my Instant Pot Smart for 4 days and am pretty much in love. This is my first pressure cooker experience.

    My grandparents all did canning and preserving, but I was always doing the slicing and chopping, which strangely I enjoyed.

    So far I have made mashed potatoes, stew with dumplings, beans, and cabbage rolls.
    All were very good, nothing burnt, nothing boiled over, twice I forgot to turn the valve the right way but no harm done.

    I had a friend for lunch who is a chef today and he asked me for the recipe for the cabbage rolls, He said they were better than any cabbage rolls he has made. I said I think it is the pressure cooker, but was thrilled about the compliment.


  8. I just ordered the BT IP with your link Laura. Kind of a buy myself a Christmas present. Will have to wait for the Android app, but I can use my wife’s iPhone for now if I want.

    Looking forward to the smart pot features, etc. Meanwhile, thanks for the discount link and the rest of the information on your site. It’s great!

    I have your cookbook on my wish list so I’m hoping someone will buy it for me so I don’t have to :-)

    1. Fantastic, can’t wait to hear what you think. : )



  9. Thanks for feeding my pressure cooker addiction Laura!! What a fantastic deal. So tempting to get one! My 7 in 1 is in constant use. Buying an extra insert is a great idea too! Love having another course of the meal in the wings ready to go! So efficient. You must know Santa to get such a great deal at Christmas.

  10. I cannot find an Instant Pot app for the iPad anywhere in the app store. I’ve searched on every variation of “pot” “instant” and “smart” that I can think of. Please help! My pot was shipped today, and I eager for its arrival.


    1. Hi leslie, you can click on the link at the top of this page and it will take you directly to the smart cooker app page:

  11. Laura,

    I would like to know about the IPS warranty.


    1. Hi Shelly! They offer a 1-year limited warranty. Here are all of the details:

  12. Laura,

    I’ve been putting your great tips and tricks to use in the last year with a 6 quart Kuhn Rikon PC loaned by a friend. Now that I get what a great time saver PCs are, I’m eyeing the Instant Pot. A few questions that hopefully you have not already addressed:

    I’d like to make yogurt using the pot in pan method. A yogurt maker I had and returned had a bottom-only source of heat, as Instant Pot does, and the yogurt developed unevenly — the yogurt on the bottom would curdle a bit — too much heat. Do you find yogurt is evenly cooked in Instant Pot?

    Do we know yet what version(s) of Android the Android app with work with?

    How long would you think these units last if used properly? I know heat tends to accelerate aging in electronics such as computers and smart phones, and a pressure cooker will radiate a lot of heat. Do the chips and other electronic components of electric pressure cookers tend to be short-lived, limiting useful life to something under three or five years? Or has the maker built something into the unit that makes heat damage a non-issue? I would probably use an electronic cooker two to three times a week.

    And finally, do we know the makeup of the synthetic components that will be in contact with the food and steam, i.e., are they bpa- and pthalate-free?

    Thanks for all the great information on your Web site. PC manufacturers owe you big time!


  13. I thought I’d share answers that the Instant Pot company emailed to me for anyone else wondering. They said:

    “The food contact parts in Instant Pot have passed FDA standards. There’s no bpa, phthalates, and tritan. The parts are made of silicone.

    Our app will support Androird 4.3 or later for device with Bluetooth 4.0.”

    1. Suzanne, That’s great news, thanks for sharing the information they sent!



  14. I just got word from Instant Pot the the Android App release has been delayed to April/May 2015.



    1. Ouch! Thanks for the word though.

      The pot is great, however, and hopefully I won’t wear it out before I can try the Android bluetooth! :)

  15. Hello everyone, I have more details about the IP SMART Android App and firmware update for owners of the very first batch of Instant Pot SMARTS. Here are the details:

  16. Hello above it says it is a $60 discount but where it says how the coupon works it says $100 discount. Is the $100 discount a typo?

    1. At the launch of the coupon, we offered $100 discount for the first month. After that, the discount was lowered to $60. At the moment the SMART is out of stock – so it is still up in the air if when the SMART comes back in stock whether the discount will continue and for what amount.



      P.S. I have updated the page to include the last discount – thanks!

  17. Dang! each cook in my group would have ordered this had the $100 discount remained. Many of them are pushing the Power Pressure.


    1. We just began taking pre-orders for the Instant Pot SMART & DUO continuing the existing discount coupons – the shipping dare for both will be April 30th.



  18. Just started to pre order my Bluetooth Instant Pot. So proud the company is Canadian. Very sad that the payment was converted to US funds Amounting to $360! CDN. Yikes. So I won’t be buying the Bluetooth model. I am one very disappointed Instant Pot fan. I’ll hold my Instant Pot Duo ( bought in CDN $) closer to my heart instead.

    1. Jonilyn, they used to take orders in both US and CDN dollars. I just shot an e-mail to my contact (who is travelling and might not respond quickly) to find out what’s going on. I’ll add a comment here to let you know what I find out. Thanks for letting me know!



      1. Good news, I already got an answer! Here is what Instant Pot says..

        Our store always has this problem not being able to process 2 currencies. The customer needs to email to sales@instantpot.com and we’ll send an CAD invoice.



  19. ciao laura!

    what is the firmware update mechanism–can you apply it ‘over the air’ from your iphone? i guess this wouldn’t be a pressing question for me because i see your link says the one shipping the end of this month will already have it applied.

    but (as always!) i have a stupid question. can you send it a scripted command to manually release the pressure as so many recipes call for or do you have to physically be at the pot? i think i already know the answer because it seems it would be a fire hazard to do it from outside the house.

    grazie, /guy

    1. I don’t know too many technical details about the actual composition of the control panel affixed to the Instant Pot, but I was told it has very limited memory so they can’t really add any more commands or code to make any app-to-panel updates.

      You can write a script to “turn off” the cooker and not automatically go into “keep warm.” This would open the cooker with natural release (which you need for meat & legumes anyway) but this model does not physically turn the valve to the “release” position- It’s a great idea, and in fact, a French electric pressure cooker (Cookeo) that does that – but they force you to use their non-updatable recipes (and, apparently, they not very good).



  20. Oh! Laura, THANK YOU so much. I shall do that. I am glad I mentioned it. Looking so forward to exploring new avenues with Bluetooth technology.

    Once again thank you for your assistance.



  21. The post states:

    “The app can tell Instant Pot to hold any temperature from 68-239°F (20-115°C) for up to 99 hours per script step (you can set 15 steps in a SMART recipe script) to within +/- 1°C of accuracy.”

    Does this mean it is capable of Sous Vide cooking?!

    1. Yes, but the inner pot does not re-circulate the water. Also, you will need to “calibrate” the temperature with an external thermomenter intitally (taking the temperature at the top of the water) and adjust the temperature in the app until it reaches the desired sous vide temp. Then, it wil go for hours, and hours and hours at that temp.



      1. Laura, there are two classes of sous vide machines: circulating and non circulating. The IP would fall into the second category as does the Sous Vide Supreme, a popular dedicated SV model. They do not maintain temperature quite as well as the circulating type. They tend to fluctuate over a couple of degrees, especially when food is added and can develop hot/cold spots but they work well enough anyway.

        It is a worry that it needs calibrating to do SV. IP missed a trick there. I would suggest it would be better to check the temperature in the middle of the bath rather than the top. That would be a better average. And don’t forget you will need a calibrated thermometer to do the checking or you may end up worse off. I had three digital thermometers (one calibrated) and several dial types. They vary by about 10 degrees. The dial type was by far the worst as they are not consistent. I threw them out.

        1. Thanks for sharing your knowledge on sous vide machines, Greg! I still haven’t jumped on that bandwagon – no patience – so it’s great to have someone with hands-on experience in cooking and shopping for these machines keeping me on the straight and narrow.

          The way Instant Pot explained it to me is that the thermometer is in the base of the cooker so it only measures the temperature of the water in the bottom. The quantity of the water affects the overall temperature- more water means a greater temperature disparity between the base and the top of the water.

          I tested this shortly afterwards Instant Pot told me about it and I found a 3-5°C difference between the temperature reading at the top of the water and what the thermometer in the app was reporting.

          Probably, a good way for them to automate sous vide cooking is to have people put the food in the cooker and fill it to the “max” line with water. They could then do some internal calculations and adjustments to report what the temperature “should” be. But for now, the only way to make sure is to calibrate it yourself.



          1. The sous vide supreme has similar temperature variance in the water bath. It is to be expected where natural convection is relied on to maintain the temperature. That is one reason why I ended up going with the forced circulation system that the Anova provides. The other (and main) reason is that the integrated bath means that the SVS necessarily takes up a LOT of precious bench space. While I chose the Anova, there are others out there. Polyscience, nomiku and Sansaire all come to mind. There are probably others. It is a rapidly evolving technology.

            In hindsight, I really don’t think the temperature variation is a deal breaker. It just means you have to get used to the idiosyncrasies of the machine. Just as you do with a PC. Or a toaster. It may mean you pull out the occasional steak that is well done at one end, and medium rare at the other. But that can happen on a barbecue or frypan too

            I find the SV and PC complement each other nicely. For example last night we had SV chicken breast rolls (loosely based on your recipe though last night it was cherry and coconut stuffing) together with PC ratatouille and mash. I made a batch of rolls a few weeks ago and popped them straight in the freezer. When the menu calls for one, they go straight from the freezer to the SV a couple of hours before dinner time. Then I forget about them until it is time to plate up.

  22. Is it possible to tell this unit to maintain 15 psi?

    1. All electric pressure cookers briefly reach 15psi in the heat-up phase, but because of their less durable construction cannot maintain it during the cooking process. Here is a short description of how that works…

      Similarly, the app allows you to program the Instant Pot SMART to heat up to a certain temperature. However the “hold the temperature” command only lets you hold at a temperature of maximum 100°C/212°F and the “hold the pressure” command only lets you choose between Low and High pressure.



  23. The SMART is back for sale (with coupon!) and the Android App is almost complete and being tested. If you’d like early-access to the app, you can join the beta test. Here are the details:



  24. I would love to order the IP-Smart pot with lid but it is showing out-of-stock. I’ve tried contacting Instant Pot to see if/when it will be back in stock but I cannot get anyone at Instant Pot to respond (via email or phone)! Do you happen to have a contact to find out if there will be more available before the discount expires on 1/31/16??

    Thanks so much!!

  25. Just want to mention from experience that the hold to temperature function in the app only holds temperatures to about 10% accuracy and not +/- 1 C like noted above.

    1. Angela, it depends on where you measure the temperature. The Instant Pot thermometer is at the bottom of the pot so unless you are constantly stirring the contents the temperature reading at the top of the pot that is taken manually could differ quite a bit depending on the viscosity (thickness) of the liquid.



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