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Model: KPR600 Pressure Express

Manufacturer Website: Kambrook

Hip Notes: Dial type electric pressure cooker.

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  1. I want to buy this kambrook pressure cooker (manual)… I wonder where I can get it. My friend bought one in The Warehouse but they are out of stock. Thanks. and how much pls”

    1. Nance, the electronic copy of the manual is free. Click on the link that says “download” to save it to your computer. : )



  2. Hi Laura,
    Can you please tell me where the electronic copy is?
    I have misplaced mine and need it to print off..

    Thanks a bunch……

  3. oops. the model is the KPR600

    1. Click on the link that says “download” below the manual preview and above where you left a comment.



  4. Good day

    I require a manual for the Kambrook Pressure cooker, model JA- 2869

    Will you be able to email me the booklet please?



  5. I need a manual for the Kambrook pressure cooker model no: JA-2689 Thank you.

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