Kuhn Rikon Pressure Cooker Manual

For all models including Duromatic and Top Model, except Aclea and Ecomatic
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Hip Notes:

The Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker is a spring-valve cooker with a pressure bar pressure signal and selector.  The pressure valve indicates pressure from 1-17psi. The second red ring on the bar to indicate high pressure is calibrated to reach 80kpa (11.6psi) but the bar continues to rise to indicate higher pressures until the over-pressure safety pressure of 17.4psi.

Tighten the black tip of the main pressure valve before each use, as it may become loose during use, cleaning and storage.

When steam begins to escape from the valve while the cooker is under pressure while making a consistent hissing sound, do a water test without the cooker’s  decorative cone cover in place to determine if the steam is coming from the safety-vent (the aluminum and silicone stub next to the main pressure valve of the cooker).  If the steam is coming from there, then it’s time to replace this part.

Manufacturer Website: Kuhn Rikon

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