For all models including Duromatic and Top Model, except Aclea and Ecomatic
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Hip Notes:

The Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker is a spring-valve cooker with a pressure bar pressure signal and selector.  The pressure valve indicates pressure from 1-17psi. The second red ring on the bar to indicate high pressure is calibrated to reach 80kpa (11.6psi) but the bar continues to rise to indicate higher pressures until the over-pressure safety pressure of 17.4psi.

Tighten the black tip of the main pressure valve before each use, as it may become loose during use, cleaning and storage.

When steam begins to escape from the valve while the cooker is under pressure while making a consistent hissing sound, do a water test without the cooker’s  decorative cone cover in place to determine if the steam is coming from the safety-vent (the aluminum and silicone stub next to the main pressure valve of the cooker).  If the steam is coming from there, then it’s time to replace this part.

Manufacturer Website: Kuhn Rikon

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Kuhn Rikon


  1. Great site! Thank you for all the tips and especially the instruction manual (I lost mine).

    To help others…I ordered a new safety vent valve because my was missing (I received it as a second hand gift). It took almost 30 days to get here but I shrugged that off when it arrived.

    It comes in a small plastic bag package…with instructions and a piece of paper. I followed the replacement instructions exactly but when the cooker heated up the new valve leaked all the way around. Furious, I was more furious when I read what you said about leaks around it being defective and needing replacement. It was a brand new valve, it cost me $30.00 with shipping, and it took 30 days to get here! Rather than flipping out further I went to the instruction manual you graciously included. It said to be sure that the lip all the way around the device was against the metal. I took it out, put it back in (without the little piece of paper with the hole in it this time). I pressed in in with my thumb and ran my fingers around to insure a seal..Low and behold it worked and the machine worked awesome! Once again, thank you…I think I’m going to love the machine!

  2. Can you please help? I have an old Duramatic and want to make soup stock from a fresh chicken carcass. How long should I cook it at two-ring pressure?

    Thanks. CC

    1. 45 minutes, then let pressure come down passively ( about 30 minutes).

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