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For Pressure Cooker Models: Brava, Domina and Endura


Hip Notes:
Bayonet-like weight-modified venting pressure cooker with one pressure setting.

Manufacturer Website: Lagostina

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  1. I need a pressure cooker book for Bravo or Donna it is the cooker who’s lid slips inside and then you lock it with handle over the top Thank you

  2. just sent an email and I had the names wrong should be BRAVA Domina Endura it is the cooker who’s lid slips inside and then up to lock and just one amount of pressure is shown when the nob rattles it is at the correct temp.,

    1. Phyllis, you are on the page for the right manual. These instructions are also applicable to the BRAVA model.



  3. A question: I have what I believe is a Lagostina Brava (received new as a gift back in 1992) with a lid that locks as described in the above posts from Phyllis in this thread. However, it has no rubber gasket: my question is, have I simply lost the gasket at some point or were there Lagostina models that had no gasket? I ask since I wish to order replacement parts (a new safety plug and release valve) and am wondering whether I should order a gasket, too.

    My Lagostina does not appear to leak steam from around the lid, and I have been using it successfully to prepare Indian lentil and bean dishes for a couple of years.

    Many thanks for any information or recommendations you may have.

    1. Rohan, this pressure cooker has a gasket in the recess at the top of the lid near the outer edge. Do you see, on top of the lid, right before the outer edge, a very thin black line? That’s the gasket. This gasket generally wears much less than in other pressure cookers because it is only pressed between the edge of the base and the top.

      If you don’t see a gasket there, do you see the empty recess? That’s where the gasket should have been – in some older pressure cookers I’ve seen this gasket can come loose from the recess and attach itself to the inner lip of the base (so check there, too).

      Here is what the replacement part looks like:

      It’s a good idea to replace both the gasket and safety valve at this point, they are both available on lagonstina replacement parts

      I’m glad to read that you’ve been getting good use from your pressure cooker for the last couple of years!



  4. Laura, that is an awesomely quick and complete answer. Thanks to your heIp I have just now located the gasket bonded to the inner lip of the base, I will indeed be ordering replacement parts so your links to are both very useful, too. Thank you for being so generous with your time and for creating such a great site for people who use pressure cookers – hippressurecooking has quickly become by far my favorite online resource for this subject.

  5. Hi! I just purchased a Lagostina Brava Plus 7L Pressure Cooker. When I opened the box, I noticed that it was not wrapped in a plastic bag, like it usually should be. I don’t know if it was returned by someone. Anyway, I don’t see a gasket. I tried the pressure cooker last night and it worked fine. Does this model has a hidden gasket?

    1. The gasket for this kind of pressure cooker is a very thin ring on the top the lid. If you look at the edge, you’ll see an indentation at the outer edge of the lid and the gasket is tucked in there. Since the lid goes under the outer edge and is lifted into place when the bayonet is turned. It is at that point the gasket comes into contact with the base and seals the vessel shut.



  6. could you pls indicate the lever blocking gear (red) in number 6? Where is this found in lagostina pressure cooker brava plus 7litres


        1. Norma, it sounds like you have an earlier model without the red plug. It is actually a little piece that comes up to block you from turning the handle to open the cooker while pressure is still inside.



  7. pic of my previous post

  8. I am thinking of purchasing this brand of pressure cooker but the one I am choosing has stainless steel dual handles. I love the idea of dual handles but my question is, do the handles get hot?

    1. Cathy, I don’t recommend this primitive-style pressure cooker. Look for a cooker with a modern spring valve – it won’t make any noise what it’s pressure cooking and cooks foods even faster. I learned to pressure cook with a model similar to this one and I still don’t recommend it!



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