Learn to Pressure Cook!

Learn to Pressure cook - free lessons!

Learn to pressure cook by reading and then doing. With a a set of detailed recipes to familiarize you with common pressure cooker cooking methods and accessories. Each lesson features an introduction explaining the technique and then a detailed recipe to illustrate it.

Here is the plan, the recipes, and the skills they will teach you:

Start Here: Beginner Basics Checklist , the parts you should pay attention to when reading your manual.

photos of recipes the learn to pressure cook series will use to teach pressure cooking

Lesson 1:  Smashed PotatoesBoiling and your cooker’s Maximum Capacity

Lesson 2:  Naked, Steamy Carrot Flowers, Steaming, High and Low pressure

Lesson 3: Quick Pasta SauceBrown, De-glaze, Boil and Reduce with your pressure cooker

Lesson 4: Cannellini and Mint Bean SaladThe “Quick Soak” method for beans

Lesson 5: Ligurian Olive and Lemon ChickenBraise and Glaze in the pressure cooker

Lesson 6: Chicken BrothMaking Pressure Cooker Chicken Stock

Lesson 7: Pistachio Crusted Beef Roast a jus with Carrots and PotatoesOne pot meal

Lesson 8: Caramelized Apple Crumb CakeWater Bath aka Bain Marie  or Pan-in-pot

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Learn to Pressure Cook!


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