Also for these models: FAVORIT, ULTRALUX, DUPLO, DUPLO luxe, PRACTIKA, and PRACTIKA luxe

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Hip Notes:
The Practika is spring valve pressure cooker with a pressure selector with four settings: high pressure (2), low pressure (1), pressure release and valve removal. Pressure is released in the direction of the steam release selection. The lid is self-locking.

There is some confusion with these cookers about when to start counting the pressure cooking time because the red pressure indicator will rise before the selected pressure is fully reached – and if the heat is turned down at this point the cooker will loose pressure. Instead, this cooker has reached full pressure when the red indicator is solid (not springy) to the touch and a light stream of vapor exists the pressure selector.

Some readers, and we also, experienced initial problems with closing or opening the pressure cooker. This means that the gasket is out of position. The gasket should be placed going around, not over or under, the spring-loaded metal nub sticking out from the inside lip of the lid.

Manufacturer Website: Magefesa

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