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Today we’re going to master meats in the pressure cooker. I’ll reveal four secrets to marvelous meats and share my best tips while we make two recipes: a savory Spiced Beef Stew and an easy Chicken Cacciatore.

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4 Secrts to Mastering Meats in the Pressure CookerGetting tender, juicy, flavorful meats from the pressure cooker might seem like rocket science but it’s actually pretty simple. I’m going to share my four secrets to marvelous pressure cooker meats.

4 Secrets to Marvelous Pressure Cooker Meats

  1. Cut of Meat -The right cut of meat is essential. The pressure cooker is overkill for some cuts while it will tame others into tender juiciness.
  2. Liquid Amount – Adding too much liquid will drown your meat recipe into a stock. While too little will run the pressure cooker dry and turn your meat into a lump of coal.
  3. Cooking Time – Meat is easily overcooked in the pressure cooker so choose the right cooking time to avoid squeezing out all of the juice, moisture, and flavors.
  4. Opening Method – And, finally, even if you’ve followed all of the previous secrets and used the wrong opening method you’ll turn that tender perfection into a tasteless doorstop.

How do I know these secrets will work? I’ve already done everything I’m going to tell you not to do.

Let’s get into the details!


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Mastering Meats in the Pressure Cooker - Pressure Cooking School!ù4 Secrts to Mastering Meats in the Pressure Cooker

Mastering Meats in the Pressure Cooker & Instant Pot - Pressure Cooking School!