Please note that vintage pressure cooker manuals may encourage techniques or methods which are no longer considered safe or should not be used with modern pressure cookers.

Please wait a moment for the page to load. If the document preview does not load in the window, due to manual's file size, it can still be downloaded using the link, below.

Manufacturer Website: Mirro

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  1. I have a pressure sauce pan that the pan handle is starting to crack. I do not see how a handle could be attached. The numbers on the pan bottom are 394M 4 QT and below those numbers 860. The pan is approximately 50 years old. I purchased it new and have used it most days! Please advise. Thanks

  2. I have a 6qt Mirro Matic pressure cooker that I inherited from my mother and I can’t find the manual for it, I was wondering if you could send me a hard copy of the manual.

    1. Sue, we’re located in Italy and post the manuals as a courtesy. We are not affiliated with Mirro. Please download it and take it to a print center for them to print it out for you.



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