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  1. I need a copy of Mirro Pressure cooker instruction manual, I just love my cooker.

    1. Gail, scroll above where you left your comment, and press the “Download” link.



  2. how to put small piece, on top of cover, on my new pressure cooker.

    1. Joann, you rest the weight on top of the pipe that’s sticking out. It should be loose and shaky (that is how it releases pressure).



  3. the lid locked closed

  4. I have misplaced my cook book! Have used it for years with the recipes in it!
    Is there any way I can order another book?

  5. Hi
    I have my mom’s 8qt pressure canner. Looking for manual and replacement valve and gasket
    Only numbers I can find on the bottom
    2/74. 0398. 8 qt
    Any help would be appreciated

  6. What pressure cooker is comparable with a ceramic top stove? If the Mirro 22 quart cooker isn’t

  7. No instruction book came with my new 22 qt mirro pressure canner. I have read instructions online but am still confused. I put water (about 2-3 inches) in, closed lid and let steam go for 10 min. before I put the 10 lb weight on – It hissed, no jiggle or movement. One time the red button on lid came up and the next time I tried again, the button never came up. Both times I let it cool for about an hour before taking off the weight and opening the lid. When do I start timing? I wanted 20 min. of pressure time for my beans. Did the pressure not reach 10 lbs when the red button didn’t pop up?

  8. I have a 0512 12 qt. Pressure canned that will not build pressure. Steam escapes around handle where lock lever is located. Gasket seem flexible and fits well. Wondering if it needs a new lock lever and lift pin. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Rita Puder

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