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Manufacturer Website: Living Well with Montel Williams

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  1. Where can I find a new gasket mine has picked up the smell of onion and garlic

    1. Did you ever find where to buy parts?

  2. Where can I get parts. I need a safety valve

  3. I bought a montel William 3 yrs ago . It is brand new cause it did not have instructions or cook book . On QVC . They tell me to get in touch w/ u . Please help me so I can use it . Thank you .

    1. Hi Maria, you’ve come to the right place! First, take a look at the manual on this page, and then join us for the pressure cooking lessons, here:



      P.S. It’s really nice to hear that the folks at QVC sent you here!

  4. need to know about my safety valve.

  5. I need to purchase a new lid. Mine keeps losing pressure and has to be taken off and put back on to regain pressure.

  6. Living Well pressure cooker has a baking pan but does’t have directions or recipes how to use it. Does anyone know of a manual to use this?

    1. David, I don’t have recipes specifically for the Living Well pressure cooker, but you can certainly use the recipes from these little booklets in your pressure cooker’s baking pan:



  7. I have an FS error code on my EPC660DLiving Well Pressurecooker. My manual does not show ant error codes. Do you have a list iffy error codes? Thank you

  8. Looking for a safety valve as well. Anyone know where Tony and I can get one?

  9. I found the two sources.. has several vendors selling a Replacement Floater and Sealer for Asian Style Electric Pressure Cooker BT900XL5, BT-80XL, and BT-50 and another has the same thing listed under ASIN B01AZLX6CC.
    These cost $12.99 with shipping.

    An identical product was available from…
    Floating valve set, LUX 879..
    Mini gasket, valve and nut
    The nut looks like the existing nut on the pressure cooker.
    $8 for the set and $3 to ship to for $11 total.

    It took me hours reading mostly where people could not find the part until I found these two sources.
    Hope is helpful

  10. I would like to purchase a cookbook for recipes for families for living well pressure cooker by making montel Williams 6qrt in size

  11. I need the weight valve for the LivingWell pressure cooker model EPC6603D. Can you find me one?

  12. I need the weight valve & the tiny O rings that fit the valve! Can someone help me plz?

  13. I am in need of the pressure safety value knob for the living well pressure cooker
    model number EPC660D

  14. Need to know what F4 means in red background liquid is hot but not cooking.
    Need manual as well
    Thank you Brenda

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