pressure cooker book reviews -ada on a stack of cookbooks

Pressure Perfect by Lorna Sass
     Sample Recipe: Lamb Shanks with White Beans

Pressure Cooker by Australian Women’s Weekly
     Sample Recipe: Chili con Carne

The New Fast Food by Jill Nussinow (The Veggie Queen)
Sample Recipe: Farro Risotto with Asparagus and Peas

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  1. Cinda Chavich’s “200 Best Pressure Cooker Recipes” (2009) is my favorite for fantastic and exotic recipes. As detailed in my review on Amazon, the book is impeccably organized with fail-safe recipes (also in metric), variations and tips. It is written in a crystal-clear style with excellent photos. I recommend the lamb curry with lentils, curried chicken thighs with couscous, and sweet pepper and mushroom goulash, among many others. The best news is that Chavich’s new book, “225 Best…” is due out in March, 2013. I’m off to pre-order my copy now.

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