I’m Guest Chef on Kuhn Rikon’s Website!

Ok, you know all the recipes on Hip Pressure Cooking, but do you know anything about the person who wrote them? Kuhn Rikon asked me to contribute a detailed profile talking about this website and sharing any pressure cooking advice – like I would say no?!? While there, look at the column on the right and click on some of the other people they have profiled in the past, including the pressure cooking maven Lorna Sass, the super-detailed Chris Kimball from America’s Test Kitchen (I forgive him for not knowing about “helper handles”), and Chuck Williams – the founder of Williams & Sonoma. I used Kuhn Rikon’s Duromatic pressure cooker set in the Beginner Basics Series while making the Quick Pressure Cooker Ragu and Cannellini and Mint Bean Salad and a few other recipes, last year!

Coming Up: First the chicken, then the eggs!

I’ve got some great recipes lined up for you at the end of this month and through April – some made in the pressure cooker for the first time!

The end of March will bring you a whole chicken in the pressure cooker – with a flavorful twist!

April is all about eggs in the pressure cooker! I’ll be starting off with a really basic recipe – with my tip for another indispensable item to use in your pressure cooker that you already have in your kitchen. Then: A surprising and beautiful Chinese snack (made faster for the first time), an American classic goes vegetarian, and an elegant and easy French egg preparation that can be served for lunch or dinner!

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Thanks for reading all the way to the end, I had lots to share with you this week. Happy Hip Pressure cooking!


  1. Love this site and so glad I found it! I have a great Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker and would like to use it more – your recipes look terrific – Many thanks!

  2. Hello,

    I’m considering buying. Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker specifically for legumes such as red kidney beans and chick peas although perhaps for other times such as brown rice. What size would you recommend for a single person?

    Thank you very much and have a safe holiday.

    1. Hi Luc, I know there’s a lot to read here, so I’ll send you a direct link. I have an article that talks about pressure cooker size.

      Most interesting to you, will be the chart that describes each size and the amounts of rice or soup it can make:

      Does Pressure Cooker Size Matter? Of Course!

      Since the main reason you are buying a cooker is to cook legumes I would base your size decision on how much can be cooked. Like rice, and other foods that foam or expand during cooking, the cooker cannot be filled more than half with legumes and their cooking liquid.

      There is some play in this, in that you don’t necessarily need FOUR cups of water to every cup of legumes – if you cook one cup of legumes in two cups of water you can cook the same quantity recommended in the chart in the above article for rice.

      If I just confused you beyond belief, just let me know how many beans you would like to cook at once and I’ll figure out the right size for you. : )



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