Instant Pot DUO


New lid and handle design allow the lid to be placed in the right or left handle.

Amazon just announced the results of their second annual prime day – and one pressure cooker topped the list.  Their top selling item in the United States was the Instant Pot DUO 6L which was sold at a jaw-dropping price. Even though they limited one purchase per person, they managed to hawk 215,000 Instant Pots, Wednesday.  That’s more pressure cookers than every brand of headphones sold that day combined (200,000) – the second most-sold item.

Although the DUO is not Instant Pot’s latest model – it has captured the marketplace by combining a pressure cooker (which cooks food 50-70% faster), rice cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, warmer and saute’ function all in one appliance while offering a stainless steel cooking surface to address consumer movement away from non-stick surfaces.

Pressure cooking is catching on and electric pressure cookers in particular have taken over the stovetop pressure cooker marketplace. Even the latest and fanciest stovetop pressure cooker models, which are more powerful and durable than electrics, still can’t slow cook, make yogurt or start a cooking program while you’re not home.

Wednesday’s record-breaking day shows that the convenience and versatility of electric pressure cookers is gaining ground and soon, an electric pressure cooker will find its way into every kitchen.

Hip Pressure Cooking has been in a partnership with Instant Pot for several years, here is the video we produced together to launch Instant Pot Duo two years ago.

Want to know more about Instant Pot and how pressure cookers work?  Read our pressure cooker reviews  and to see what you can cook in a pressure cooker see our recipe index.

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  1. That’s great news. I saw that deal on Amazon and it really stood out as a good one. I have one already and I just love it. I find myself using it more and more.

    1. Great to hear that it is a success in your household!



  2. I’m one of the 215,000! I can’t wait to try it and I have been devouring your website for info and recipes.

    1. Welcome! You’ll make lots of delicious meals together – promise. : )



    2. How much did you get it for? I “thought” I had ordered it but didn’t complete my order!

  3. After seeing articles about Instant Pot everywhere, I too bought one on Amazon Prime Day. Now I’m nervous about getting started. I planned to make Shredded BBQ chicken for a family gathering using fresh chicken. Using 3 whole deboned and skinless chickens…any tips?

  4. I was so tempted to buy a second when I saw that sale! The only thing that held me back was cupboard space ;)

  5. I was horribly naughty and bought myself a second instant pot! The first I’d bought about a month ago and fell deeply in love. But the version I bought didn’t have the yoghurt setting, so when Amazon had it at a great price, I snagged a second one! Loving them!!

    1. Come back to let us know how the first batch of yogurt you make works out!



      1. I had the most wonderful yoghurt today for breakfast!! Such great flavour!! Will try straining it next time for greek yoghrt. Thanks!!

      2. I got one for Christmas 2017, made yogurt in it last weekend, and will be making it every weekend from now on. Turned out perfect and so easy.

  6. I got one too! So far have cooked water and yesterday baby back ribs which came out perfectly. Looking forward to “drivers training” from Lura and Barbara too.

    I have been trying to eat LCHF for health. It is the carbs and not cholesterol that cause diabetes and arteriosclerosis.

  7. I purchased one of the 215,000. Pressure cooking for the first time right now making the Hassleback Pork roast with apples and going to try roasting some potatoes as soon as the pork comes out. I just sat down in the living room and my husband gave me a puzzled look and said/asked “I thought you were cooking dinner?” I am. This pressure cooking thing might be awesome.

    1. HAHAHA! Welcome to the fold, how did the roast and potatoes turn out?



  8. In the days leading up to Prime Day, Amazon sellers expressed concern that shoppers were slowing purchasing activity in order to wait for Prime Day deals.

  9. I’ve never had better veggies with roast! Pressure cooking them made the carrots sweet and perfect. The roast was a bit tough and dry but that may have been the cut of meat and my inexperience with cooking this way. I can’t wait to see how tomorrow’s carnitas turn out.

  10. I’ve followed you for years with my beautiful 10 qt Fissler. I finally bit the bullet on prime and have been LOVING my DUO! Feeling a bit sad about my Fissler, but I won’t part with her.

  11. I have been eating a lot of eggs on my “diet” and using a 7 min. time setting and a cold water plunge make for a hard cooked egg that wants to jump out of the shell.

  12. Will it go on sale again any time soon?

    1. Typically Instant Pot goes on sale on Prime Day and Black Friday. I will announce future sales so be sure to follow me on Twitter or Facebook so you don’t miss the next one!



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