Newsflash! Instant Pot breaks Amazon Prime Day Records – tops U.S. Sales


New lid and handle design allow the lid to be placed in the right or left handle.

Amazon just announced the results of their second annual prime day – and one pressure cooker topped the list.  Their top selling item in the United States was the Instant Pot DUO 6L which was sold at a jaw-dropping price. Even though they limited one purchase per person, they managed to hawk 215,000 Instant Pots, Wednesday.  That’s more pressure cookers than every brand of headphones sold that day combined (200,000) – the second most-sold item.

Although the DUO is not Instant Pot’s latest model – it has captured the marketplace by combining a pressure cooker (which cooks food 50-70% faster), rice cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, warmer and saute’ function all in one appliance while offering a stainless steel cooking surface to address consumer movement away from non-stick surfaces.

Pressure cooking is catching on and electric pressure cookers in particular have taken over the stovetop pressure cooker marketplace. Even the latest and fanciest stovetop pressure cooker models, which are more powerful and durable than electrics, still can’t slow cook, make yogurt or start a cooking program while you’re not home.

Wednesday’s record-breaking day shows that the convenience and versatility of electric pressure cookers is gaining ground and soon, an electric pressure cooker will find its way into every kitchen.

Hip Pressure Cooking has been in a partnership with Instant Pot for several years, here is the video we produced together to launch Instant Pot Duo two years ago.

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