oldWe received several requests from readers to browse the recent pressure cooker recipes and articles as they were displayed on the old website – before the re-design.   You got it!  Reach this new  “old” page by clicking on the “MORE” link under the “Recent Articles” or homepage.  Or, click here!

We’ve made a few other minor adjustments based on your feedback –

  • The font went from light-gray to dark gray.  Hey.. we just write the stuff, we don’t need to actually read it.  But, apparently, you do.. so we hope the new color is less “squinty”.
  • Right-click is back  for those of you who browse recipes by opening them in new tabs.
  • Mobile readers were confused by the new menus which were both, inappropriately, called “Menu.” Fixed.

Less visible is the work we’ve been doing on the back-end to make the new website more reliable. It was prone to crashing often after the launch – it’s more stable now but a work in progress.

We’re still working on improving the printing, too . We got a handful of complaints about the way the new website prints – one included a tally of how many trees it took her to print a recipe. We’ve got more work to do.

This website is for you.

Be sure to leave us feedback and comments on anything you find great and not-so-great about the new design. We will keep making minor adjustments to accommodate everyone and make finding recipes and information a pleasant experience.

Update: We have added a new “print” button at the bottom of the screen.  You can click on it and select to print the whole article (without the side-bar) or just the recipe by clicking on the elements you don’t want to print from the print-screen.  Additionally, for those of you who want to save recipes electronically, after hitting the print button you can choose to save the article and/or recipe in PDF format.  Thanks for your patience!

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