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This booklet is called”Power Cooking the Quick and Easy Way”


Pressure Canning Function

WARNING: Do not pressure can low-acid foods (meat, vegetables, etc.) in this pressure cooker. Although this model may include instructions and a function for pressure canning, according to the National Center for Home Food Preservation (NCHFP), no electric pressure cookers have been tested for safety for pressure canning:
Even if there are referrals to the National Center for HFP in the instructions for canning in the manufacturer's directions, we do not currently support the use of the USDA canning processes in electric, multi-cooker appliances.
more info: Consumer Alert: No Pressure Canning in electric pressure & multi-cookers says NCHFP

Manufacturer Website: Tristar Products

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  1. I am looking for recipes that I can use with my power pressure cooker xl. Can any of these recipes that you show here will work with my pressure cooker?

    1. I, too, would like more recipes and also how to adapt other pressure cooker recipes to this one.

      1. Nannyann and LInda, just click on “recipe index” at the top of this page.




  2. Would like more recipes and instruction with my power pressure cooker xl…..things like cooking brown rice and instruction on using steamer tray. Don’t like veggies soggy or mushy like they are cooked in liquid…..

  3. re: brown rice. From what I read in the manual if you hit the rice/risotto button twice it is the brown rice setting. Haven’t tried it yet though…Karen

    1. I cook only brown rice in my Power Pressure Cooker XL. One part rice, two parts tap water, hit the rice button and add one minute. I allow the pressure cooker to self release. Perfect rice every time.

  4. How would you cook casseroles and more on the steamer tray

  5. Looking for a recipe for power pressure xl gizzards like Lee’s Famous recipe gizzards .

    1. Ben, if you can find a recipe for this restaurant dish, we can work on converting it for you in the forums:



  6. I got no paperwork with mine. I just got it as a gift and opened the box and nothing is there. I cannot operate it or register it without any paperwork. would you please pm me so I can give you my address to send me everything I need. thank you

    1. Julie, we’re not affiliated with the makers of the Power Cooker Pro XL. However, you can contact them directly at their website. Just click on the words “Tristar Products” after the words “Manufacturer Website” above.



  7. I looked thru the cookbook but found no pea soup recipes. do you have a pea soup and ham recipe

  8. do you have a pea soup with ham recipe?

  9. You need a lot more recipes, there’s not very many of them in your book. Is there a big cookbook,for the power cooker pro XL Electric pressure cooker. I cant find but a couple of ones that I would like to make and very few that I would eat. Please direct me to a larger version of cook book,so that I have a few main courses and a few sides, more soups,stews more on different ways to make various flavors of rice,and definitely more desserts. Thanks for your prompt response

    1. I too am looking for more recipes to fix or ways to convert my own.

      1. Barbara, just click on “recipes” from the menu. You can use hip pressure cooking recipes in your Power Cooker!


  10. When using the “crock pot”setting, is it cooking on high? My next question is, what setting do I use if I want to cook on LOW for a crock pot recipe?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Linda,

      If you have this model ( the manual shows two temperatures for the Slow Cook setting. But they don’t say how to switch it. Try pressing the “cook time selector” button in the middle to see what happens.



      1. Use the slow cooker button it changes the time it cooks from 2hrs(low) to 6hrs(med.) to 10 or 12hrs(well).

  11. How do you set the delay timer? I’ve tried setting the timer and then the cook time, and it didn’t work. Tried setting the cook time and THEN the delay…..didn’t work. Their customer service # is manned by idiots that can’t help at all.

    1. Terry, they’ve made several models. If you can share the model number I can try to look that up for you.



  12. I guess I did not find where you answered my question my question again is in the canning cookbook it does not state the size of the crushed tomatoes that you need for your spaghetti sauce recipe . What is the oz size?

  13. How to canned roast beef in power pressure cooker xl

    1. Please read the message above where you left your comment about NOT using this cooker to pressure can.



  14. Can you cook a frozen beef roast or does it have to be thaw out

    1. Barb, you should thaw it out.



  15. Hi I have a power xl and would like to make yogurt. How ever I can’t find a recipe for this pressure cooker. Could you please help?

    1. Rebecca, the Power Cooker XL does not have a yogurt setting. You cannot make yogurt in a cooker that does not have the specific temperature setting needed for yogurt to ferment.




  16. Can you pressure can already cooked preserves in jars in water to deal them using the electric pressure cooker. Please. Reply i am wondering. Usually i use a hot water bath. Please respond.

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