The author, Laura Pazzaglia, peeks from behind a copy of her new coobook "Hip Pressure Cooking: Fast, Fresh and Flavorful".
The author, Laura Pazzaglia, peeks from behind a copy of her cookbook “Hip Pressure Cooking: Fast, Fresh and Flavorful”.

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INTERVIEW: Pressure cooker can transform time-consuming meals

Capture“Modern pressure cookers have a spring-valve and are whisper-quiet. They are equipped with so many safety systems they’re nearly idiot-proof,” noted Laura Pazzaglia, author of “Hip Pressure Cooking” (St. Martin’s, 2014). Pazzaglia also shares recipes, tips and reviews of pressure cookers at

A caveat, regardless of your model: “The biggest mistake someone can make is not reading the instruction manual,” said Pazzaglia. “Maybe you don’t need to read the manual of your immersion blender, but the pressure cooker is a powerful machine that harnesses the laws of physics to cook. Read it.”

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MEDIA: Featured as “Author of the Day” with six recipes and photos from the Hip Pressure Cooking cookbook on Cookstr.


REVIEW: Portland Book Review – Lots of Creative Recipes for the Pressure Cooker

“This reviewer never believed a pressure cooker could be so versatile in the kitchen, but Hip Pressure Cooking has changed this limited viewpoint. Judging by the healthy table of contents, a pressure cooker can be used to create soups, eggs, pastas, grains, meat, fish and even desserts.  Of course, one-pot meals are included as well as preserves and juicing instructions. ”

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MENTION: Washington Post – Take the pressure off making dinner with a pressure cooker

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INTERVIEW:  How Did You Write That – How did you write that, Laura Pazzaglia?

“A popular cookbook can sell hundreds of thousands of copies and have a shelf life far longer than that of the average nonfiction book. Laura Pazzaglia, the brains behind the hip pressure cooking site — the go-to spot for all things pressure-cooker related —  has just launched her new cookbook, Hip Pressure Cooking: Fast, Fresh, and Flavorful. How did she write it?”

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REVIEW: Pressure Cooking Today – Sloppy Lasagna 
Sloppy-Lasagna-2-Pressure-Cooking-Today“…I’ve been having fun reading all the recipes and tips she’s included in the cookbook.

I debated which recipe to try first, but I kept coming back to her Sloppy Lasagna recipe. First you cook the basic meat ragu, a hearty meaty sauce, and then you cook the noodles right in the sauce. It’s such a quick and easy recipe without all the fuss of making lasagna.

My family loved this meal, and I loved how easy it was to make in the pressure cooker with just one pot to clean up. I’m looking forward to trying more wonderful recipes from Laura’s great new cookbook.

The cookbook includes recipes for both electric and stove-top pressure cookers. However, what makes this cookbook a must have for every pressure cooker user, are the pressure cooking timetables, tips and information she’s packed in to the cookbook. All that Laura’s learned about pressure cooker over the years, she shares in this cookbook.”

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REVIEW: The Library Journal

“Pazzaglia, Laura D.A. Hip Pressure Cooking: Over 240 Recipes To Help You Get the Most Out of Your Modern Pressure Cooker. St. Martin’s. Sept. 2014. 304p. ISBN 9781250026378. $26.99. COOKING

… After explaining the benefits of pressure cooking, Pazzaglia ( shares recipes ranging from traditional (Italian braised veal shanks) to inventive (upside down polenta and almond cake with caramelized lemon slices) and shows how some can be combined to make unusual one-pot meals (imagine beans, ribs, and brownies stacked and cooking simultaneously). Like Kathy Strah’s The Ultimate Panini Press Cookbook and Michele Scicolone’s The Mediterranean Slow Cooker, Pazzaglia’s debut encourages readers to test the limits of their cookware and to consider the underlying science of cooking.

VERDICT: For novices and enthusiasts, this book provides ample advice on selecting, using, cleaning, and troubleshooting stovetop and electric pressure cookers. Many of the recipes are quick and tasty but not all are easy. Pazzaglia’s more advanced recipes frequently reference other pages and require an assortment of accessories (e.g., steamer baskets, heatproof baking dishes) sized to fit inside the pressure cooker.”

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  1. just received your new cook book from Amazon and it is great. We have an electric pressure cooker so your cook times come in very handy. Perhaps in your next book you can include smoked ham hocks and smoked ham.

    1. Thanks for the great suggestion! There are a handful of recipes that call for smoked pancetta or bacon, and in those recipes you can ABSOLUTELY use smoked ham- instead.



  2. Love the contents but Hate the gray lettering ! So hard to Read !
    Why would you do that ?

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