We did it! Though I am a better writer in English than Italian, I was able with the help of Lina, of Giant Pressure Cooker Metball fame, to launch an Italian version of the pressure cooker site!

I give the recipes a first pass in Italian and then Lina comes along to correct my crazy spelling and give things their right name. My wish is to have all the recipes on both websites, but then slowly spin the Italian one with it’s own personality, Reader Recipes, and information.

Already “the basics” page aka le basi is a little different because many Italians have a pressure cooker – but it’s the older kind – so I made a little graphic to distinguish the difference between those and the new ones.

Help me to welcome our new pressure cooking sister website…

cucinare hip!
cucinare veloce, facile e moderno con l’ultimissima generazione di pentole a pressione

(cooking quickly, easily and modern with the latest generation of pressure cookers)



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  1. these looks amazing beautifully done!

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