Accessories for pressure cookers specifically labeled as Pressure Cookers/Canners by the manufacturer. All pressure canners can be used as pressure cookers, not all pressure cookers can be used as pressure canners – according to the USDA for a cooker to be considered a canner it must be able to hold four quart-sized jars. Currently no electric pressure cookers can be used for pressure canning – even if they may have been advertised by the manufacturer as being able to do so the National Center for Home Food Preservation (an off-shoot of the USDA) specifically published an announcement saying they have not approved pressure canning in these devices.

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  1. They said that “all canners can be used as a pressure cooker” Maybe I am missing something but how can this be done? Say for example a Ball canner, it has a lid that just sets on the top? Thanks. Keithmj

    1. Is a ball canner, a pressure canner?

    2. Keith, all PRESSURE canners can be used as pressure cookers, but not all canning pots are pressure canners. It sounds like what you have is a water-bath canner — just a big open pot with a lid that doesn’t lock into place but instead sits on top like the lid of any other cooking pot.

  2. Can an Instant Pot be a Canner?

    1. Not a pressure canner no. You could use it as a waterbath canner, but an ordinary saucepan will do as well.

    2. Liese, here is information as to why – at this point- any electric pressure cooker cannot be used as a pressure canner:

      I will add a link to this information at the introduction of this article, too!



  3. digitial timer not working in my king pro cooker bplease help thank u.

    1. Welcome Caroiline,
      I am not familiar with that model. If it is a stove top just use a kitchen timer. If it is an electric, your best bet is to contact the manufacturer/distributor for help.

      Even if it is an electric and it still reaches pressure, you may be able to use a kitchen timer if you cannot get it fixed.

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