Pressure Cooker Accessory: Glass Lid

A separate, non-pressure cooking, lid means your pressure cooker like a regular high-quality pot.  An extra lid helps to keep things warm  and slows down the wear and tear of rubber and silicone rings and gaskets (which need to be replaced approximately every two years – depending on the use).

Some pressure cooker manufacturers will gladly sell you a glass lid made especially for your pressure cooker as a spare part. But any tempered glass lid that is the right size will work – in fact most pressure cookers (including electrics) are a standard width and so your pot collection may already have a lid that works with your cooker.

Suitable Substitutes for non-pressure cooking lids
A ceramic plate right-side up is a great on-the-fly substitute – just remember to use pot holders to remove it.

If nothing but an actual lid will do, simply measure your pressure cooker’s diameter carefully from edge to edge in both inches and centimeters.  If the opening to your pressure cooker is ovalesque, measure the narrowest opening so that the lid ridge can rest inside the pan – there may be a small gap on each side.

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