Pressure Cooker Recipe Converter

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Example of Recipe ConverterThis tool will convert any recipe to the pressure cooker -be it a conventional or slow cooker. Simply, answer sixteen questions about the recipe you wish to convert to reveal tricky techniques and ingredient combinations that could doom your recipe to pressure cooker failure. We’re sharing everything you need to know about pressure cookery so your recipe conversion will succeed on the first try.

Did you know that milk can glob under pressure and wine appears to be lip-puckering tart? That’s because milk will coagulate at high temperatures and the flavor of wine doesn’t change or evaporate under pressure- it remains raw. Condensed soups and processed ready-foods can also be tricky under pressure. The converter will walk you through seven of the trickiest ingredients to cook under pressure and explain how to use them with success.

Vegetables, rice, grains, beans and meat have their own nuances under pressure -for example grains need to be measured exactly and meat requires a natural release to stay moist.  The converter shares how to get the best results from four main ingredient categories so your recipe won’t flop.

Finally, the converter will navigate you through any adjustments you’ll need to make based on the type of dish you are converting. Is it a soup, stew, braise or steamed dessert? The converter will tell you about any special things you’ll need to do to.

If you’re just getting started with pressure cooking, we strongly recommend completing the free pressure cooking course to familiarize yourself with the pressure cooker and its workings before tackling a recipe conversion.

Pressure Cooker Recipe Converter

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Still need help? Post your recipe in the Recipe Conversion Forum and we’ll convert it for you as soon we get a chance!

Pressure Cooker Recipe Converter


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  1. It is a Mexican chicken spaghetti casserole can I make this in an instant pot? Changes to recipe and how long to cook? Thanks

  2. How do I cook a spiral sliced ham in pressure cook crockpot, thank you.

    1. Terry, you want to use the Slow Cooker setting on your multicooker?



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